Scholarship of Donna B. Gilleskie (organized by subject)                                        August 2009



Research on the effect of health insurance characteristics on medical care utilization or health behavior


         “A Dynamic Stochastic Model of Medical Care Use and Work Absence,”  

         Econometrica 66(1), Jan 1998, p. 1-45.


         “A Flexible Approach for Estimating the Effects of Covariates on Health Expenditures” 

         Journal of Health Economics 23(2), 2004, p. 391-418. (with T. Mroz)

         (NBER Working Paper #7942)


         “Health Insurance, Medical Care, and Health Outcomes:  A Model of Elderly Health Dynamics”

         Journal of Human Resources, 44(1), 2009, p. 47-114 (with Z. Yang and E. Norton)

         (NBER Working Paper #10964)


         “The Effects of State Medicaid Policies on the Dynamic Savings Patterns and Medicaid Enrollment

             of the Elderly” (with L. Gardner)

         (NBER Working Paper #12208)

- currently submitted to journal


         “The Impact of Health Insurance on Decisions to Monitor, Treat, and Manage Diabetes” (with B. Tao)

         -working paper


         “A Dynamic Model of Medical Care Consumption during the Health Insurance Year” (with T. Mroz)

         -working paper



Research on the effect of health and insurance on employment behavior and outcomes


         “Retiree Health Insurance and Labor Force Behavior of Older Men in the 1990's,”

         Review of Economics and Statistics 83(1), Feb 2001, p. 60-84. (with D. Blau)

         (NBER Working Paper #5948)


         “The Effect of Health on Employment Transitions of Older Men”

         in Worker Wellbeing in a Changing Labor Market, Research in Labor Economics,

         vol. 20, JAI Press, Amsterdam, 2001:  35-65. (with D. Blau)


         “The Impact of Employer-Provided Health Insurance on Dynamic Employment Transitions,”

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         (NBER Working Paper #7307)


         “Health Insurance and Retirement of Married Couples”

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         “The Role of Retiree Health Insurance in the Employment Behavior of Older Males”

         International Economic Review 49(2), 2008, p. 475-514. (with D. Blau)

         (NBER Working Paper #10100)


         “Work Absences and Doctor Visits during an Illness Episode:  The Differential Role of Preferences,

             Production, and Policies among Men and Women”

Journal of Econometrics, 156(1), 2010, p. 148-163.


         “Evaluation of the Content of Publicly-Available Nationally-Representative Datasets

            for Use in Measuring Health-Related Lost Work Time” (with K. Jinnett)

            Integrated Benefits Institute Fellowship paper, 2007.


         “Untangling the Direct and Indirect Effects of Body Mass on Earnings Using Longitudinal Data”

             (with E. Norton and E. Han)

         -working paper


         “Earnings Disparities:  The Role of Internal Promotions and Job Performance Evaluations”

            (with H. Krull)

         -working paper



Research on the effect of medical and non-medical choices on health and health behaviors


         “The Effect of Endogenous Health Inputs on the Relationship between Health and Education,” 

         Economics of Education Review 17(3), Jun 1998, p. 279-297. (with A. Harrison)


         “The Behavioral Dynamics of Youth Smoking”

         Journal of Human Resources 40(4), 2005, p. 822-866. (with K. Strumpf)

         (NBER Working Paper #7838)


         “Consumer Demand Under Price Uncertainty:  Empirical Evidence from the Market for Cigarettes”

         Review of Economics and Statistics 89(3), 2007, p. 510-521. (with M. Coppejans, H. Sieg, and K. Strumpf)

         (NBER Working Paper #12156)


         “Friendship Formation and Smoking Initiation Among Teens” (with S. Zhang)

         -working paper


         “The Effects of Acculturation and Income on Youth Health Behaviors” (with M. Noguchi)

         -working paper


         “Smoking, Morbidity, and Mortality:  Evidence from a Long Panel” (with K. Strumpf and D. Kahvecioglu)

         -working paper


         “Adolescent Physical Activity and Body Mass: How Does Neighborhood Crime Influence Behavior”

             (with G. Rowe)

         -working paper



Other Research


“Health Capital:  Theory and Empirical Evidence” in Incentives and Choice in Health Care, eds.

    Frank A. Sloan and Hirschel Kasper, Cambridge:  MIT Press, 2008.


“The Role of Peer Academic Standing on Academic Outcomes” (with J. Cook)

         -working paper


“Student, Instructor, and Department Explanations for Observed Grading Patterns at a Large Public

    University” (with A. Perrin)

         -working paper