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Computer-Based CBT for Schizophrenia

We are looking for research participants!

You may be eligible if you:

    1. Meet DSM-IV criteria for either schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder
    2. Are at least 18 years of age
    3. Do not have a diagnosis of dementia or psychiatric disorder secondary to a medical condition
    4. Do not currently meet criteria for substance dependence
    5. Are currently experiencing Auditory Hallucinations (e.g. Voices)

Research volunteers are needed for a new research study entitled “Computer-Based CBT for Schizophrenia.” Participants will receive 12 weekly sessions of a computer-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program that is aimed at reducing some of the distressing symptoms that are associated with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. We hope to learn whether or not this program is easy to use, safe, fun, and helpful in managing some of these symptoms. Research interviews will be used to determine whether this new approach helps people to learn effective ways to cope with various aspects of these kinds of symptoms.

Participants will complete 3 interviews over the course of the study; a screening interview, an interview before treatment starts and one after treatment finishes. Each interview will take approximately 1.5-3 hours. Participants will receive $25 for the first interview and $30 for each additional one, for a total of $85. You can also receive $5 per session for travel costs.

To find out more about this study, please call Katy Harperat (919) 843-5262, or email kharper@unc.edu


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