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Doug Phanstiel  Assistant Professor

Cell Biology & Physiology  |  Thurston Arthritis Research Center  |  Genetics and Molecular Biology  |

We employ advanced genomic techniques, genome editing methods, and bioinformatic analyses to study the mechanisms of long-range gene regulation and the role of 3D chromatin architecture in cellular development and function.

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Kamisha Woolery  Research Specialist

Ph.D. University of South Florida  |  B.S. University of South Florida  |

I am developing new CRIPSR/Cas9-based protocols for rapid and efficient editing of multiple cell types and applying these methods to probe the mechanisms of DNA looping and gene regulation during cellular differentiation.

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Katie Metz  Graduate Student

Genetics and Molecular Biology  |  B.S. University of Maryland  |

I'm a second year GMB student and member of the BCB Certificate Program. I study changes in chromatin looping, gene expression, histone modifications and protein binding as resting macrophages activate into a pro-inflammatory state, in the hopes of understanding how these events work together on a genome-wide level to change cell states.

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Erika Deoudes  Data Visualization Specialist

Website  |

I create graphics to communicate the lab's interests and results with maximum clarity. I am also contributing to the design of kinase visualization software.

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Robert Fisher  Undergraduate Researcher

I am a sophomore majoring in Biology. I use CRISPR-based genome editing technology to study gene regulation in human macrophages.

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Eliza Thulson  BBSP Rotation Student

I am a first year BBSP student studying transcription factor binding events that regulate macrophage development and function.

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Mayura Patwardhan  Undergraduate Researcher

I am a Junior majoring in computer science. I am developing new software for analysis and visualization of DNA sequencing data.

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