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Date: 	Tue, 18 Aug 1998 17:17:32 -0500
From: John D
Subject: Another Letter
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Hi Group,
    I just got through transcribing another letter and it mentions a
W.H. McLaurin that was wounded at the battle of Fredricksburg. So I
though I would send it along to the group. I don't have anything on 
the afore mentioned McLaurin so, if anyone has any information about 
any of the people mentioned in the letter, I would appreciate some 
John McIntyre


                               May 3rd 1863
Dear Aunt,
For the first time I do attempt to write you and let you know that we have 
past through afflictions this Spring. Walter died the 19 of April [;] he 
was taken Tuesday night with a chill then with high fever and severe head 
ake [sic] [.] the measles was in the family and we thought Wednesday 
morning that it was them he had and so did the Dr and he would not give 
any medisin [sic] that day [.] Thursday morning his head was no better [.] 
then the Dr knew it was not measles and commenced giving medisin [sic] but 
it give him no relief from the pain in his head[.]  Saturday the pain went 
clown in his spine[,] he suffered a great deal with it there that day[.] he 
said to us that he was going to die and for us not to grieve forhim that he 
was happy and was going to rest [.] Saturday evening he got delirious and 
remained so til Sunday evening about 4 o clock then he wentto sleep as we 
thought and so did Malloy and Dickson [.]  they were both here and thought 
him much better about Sundown but he never waked and breathed his last at 
half after eleven o clock that night [.] he suffered a great deal [.] his 
complaint was an affection of the brain [.] Maggie had the same complaint 
and suffered a good deal but is as well as ever [.]
Mary had it slightly [.]  Duncan our baby was taken with whoopping cough in 
Jan and did not get welt of it[,] then had the measles when Walter was sick 
[.] we had no idea that he would recover for about a week[,] but is now 
nearly as well as ever [.] the children all but Archd had the measles and 
is well now [.]  Sallie['s] health is verry [sic] good considering all the 
sickness and deaths we had [.]  my own health is tolerable[;] I had a verry 
[sic] bad cold and cough but is better now[.] we had a girl of James C. 
McEachin's hired for a nurse [.]  She took the whooppin [sic] in Jan then 
the measles in the last of March the measles went in the Seccond [sic] day 
and [then she] was taken with pneumonia [.]  She died the fourth day after.  
Brother Daniels family all of his children has had this affection of the 
head or brain, but is now well but Baxter he is sick now [.] I think it is 
sick stomack [sic] and bowel complaint with him [.] his black boy Edward 
died last Wednesday week [.] he was as well as ever [.] he was told Sunday 
evening before [that] it was [an] affection of the brain that he had [.]  
he stood it only two days and a half[.]  his other boy Sandy has been down 
two weeks with the same complaint but is a great deal better now and I 
think will soon be as well as ever [.]  Catty has another son[,] he is a 
month or more old now[.] her health is better than it had been after havin 
[sic] a son for the last three or four  Daniel['s] health is as good as 
ever [.]  Sister Sarah had a son the 9[th] of this month and was getting 
along verry [sic] well [.] there has been a great deal of sickness through 
this section this Spring the greater potion amongest negroes[.] James C. 
McEachin lost three[,] Peter Patterson had 6 or 7 down but all is ur but 
Cloy [.] they do not expect her to get up any more [.] Dr Dickson is nearly 
brok down him self and his horse quits[.] he says if he cant get another 
horse soon he well have to get Rev. D. Johnson to go with him to keep him 
strait [sic] or from swearing [.] his Black and old dobbin died this Spring 
[.] all your old friends and relations about Laurinburg are well at this 
time but W H McLaurin he was wounded in the late battle at Federicksburg 
through the fleshy part of the thy [sic][.] he is getting a long verry 
[sic] well [.]  Murphy McCormick was killed in that battle[.]  that was all 
that was killed of the origional [sic] company[.] several wounded[.] a geat 
[sic] many changes in this neighbourhood [sic] since you left[.] dear aunt 
I have thought of you all often since you left but did not miss you so much 
til [sic] we had so much sickess [sickness] this spring[.] If you were 
settled where you expected to remain I would try and go and see you and if 
it would be where we could educate our children we would move if times 
would admit of it as we are gettin [sic] willing to leave here[.]  all 
sends love to you all[,] write soon
                                                          Your nephew  

                                                          John McIntyre


     Author:   	  John McIntyre
     Recipient:     His aunt
     Origin:        Laurinburg, NC
     Date:          3 May 1863

PEOPLE:      =

     Arch (John's Child)
     Baxter    (brother Daniel's boy?)
     Daniel    (brother Daniel)
     Dr. Dickson
     Duncan (our baby)
     Edward (brother Daniel's black boy)
     James C. McEachin
     Murphy McCormick
     Peter Patterson
     Rev. D. Johson
     Sandy  (brother Daniel's other black boy)
     Sara (sister Sara)
     W. H. McLaurin


     Battle of Fredricksburg

    -Walter died 19 Apr 1863 at 11:30 p.m.
     Many people were dying of an affliction of  the
    -Catty had another son 1 month or more old.
     (Before 3 May 1863).  The last 3 or 4 have been
    -Sister Sara had a son 9 Apr 1863.
    -W. H. McLaurin was wounded in the battle of
     Fredricksburg, through the fleshy part of the
    -Murphy McCormick was killed in that battle.

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