If anyone has additional information on this family, please email me!

Thanks, Jesse!

To: ecanada@email.unc.edu From: Douglas McLaurin Moreno

Hi Jesse: Its me again. I have been able to extract as much information available, with the help of my brother Ernest, from my aunt Jeannie. Our line comes from Willard Duncan, who lived in Canada, and whose descendants came down to the US and, at least one of them did, Mexico. Here is the information we have gathered:

William Duncan McLaren from Ontario, Canada, born March 2, 1852-died August 29, 1909. He married Ella Spatzwood McLaren on October 17, 1877 in a place called Petaluma (no country or state given). Ella Spatzwood was born in Kempville (?) on May 26,1859.

Together they had 6 children:

Amber (Petaluma, B:Feb.17, 1879-D:june 15,1900)

Ethel (Petaluma, B:Nov.19, 1880-D: Oct. 29,1952)

Willie (Stockton,B: May 15,1882-D:Sept. 5,1882)

Willard Duncan (Stockton,B: March 28,1885-D:July 27,1955)

Archivald (Stockton,B: Aug.2,1887-D:Jan. 8-1928)

Neil (Stockton, B: Oct. 4,1889-D:??)

This still lacks some data, but there are other handwritten accounts. The name of Sadie M. Smith appears here and there (M= McLaren?), then what happened to Neil? We are of W. Duncan's line. His remains, and those of his wife, lay at Nogales's (state of Arizona) local cemetary. Also, I have a picture (the one I have already told you about) of the McLaren Bros., taken at Stockton on May 5th,1884. They appear to be 5 male brothers all in their scottish regalia. The initials are: CC, JC, D, WD and AJ. WD is Willard Duncan (my great-great grandfather), so I presume that AJ is for Archivald, Willie died while a babe so he is out of the question, who are the others? are they really brothers or are they cousins? Also, it seems that the old picture that appears (or used to appear)on some magazines of a pair of little scottish inmigrant children (one sitting on a stool, the other standing at the side) is of my gg-father Duncan and his brother Colin (which is not on the written account but he could be CC on the picture). Is this of any help? I have the picture of the McLaren bros. scanned in TIFF format.

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