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Subject: Re: A, B, D, E, F, E, F, L. and S families
Prepared for the McLaurin e-mail chat group by James B. McLaren, President Clan MacLaren Society of North America


a. ____ McLaurin (A), b. before 1590 in Scotland, d. SCT.

GENERATION II Children of ____ McLaurin (A).
a. Daniel McLaurin (Aa) b. about 1610 SCT. d, SCT,

m. ____ Stewart (She was an Appin Stewart). He was a minister..
b. ____ McLaurin (Ab), b. about 1610-1620 in SCT, d. SCT.
GENERATION III Children of Daniel McLaurin (Aa)
a. John McLaurin (Aaa), b. about 1645 SCT, d. SCT, m. ____ Stewart. She was the sister of the
mother of Colin McLaurin the noted Mathematician.
b. ____ McLaurin (Aab or B). This was the individual that Banks, James, etc , designated as the
progenitor of the B. Family. Well, they didn't designate him but they designated his sons to
this position. It is easier to computerize by including him and since all his sons were B why
wasn't he? By including this individual as the progenitor the relationship of Ba. Bb. Bc, etc
are better shown. (Go to "B" family).
Children of ____ McLaurin (Ab)
a. Daniel McLaurin (Aba or E), b. & d. SCT. He was the Progenitor of the "E". Notes indicate
that he was born at Icle of Tyreebut this has not been verified. (Go to "E" family).
GENERATION IV Children of John McLaurin (Aaa) and __ Cameron.
a. John McLaurin of Culloden (Aaaa or D), b. SCT. served in the Jacobite army with the Appin
Stewarts in the Appin Regt. under Clan MacLaren Chieftian Donald (the Drover)
MacLaren. John was killed atthe battle of Culloden and was buried in the cemetery the old
church where the McLaurins attended. He is currently considered the progenitor of the "D"
family because his children and grand-children came to the US and early migrated to MS.
Ingeneral, early records of the "D" family were found in MS andrecords of the "B" and
other families were located in theCarolinas. (Go to "D" Family).
b. ____ (Hugh) McLaurin (Aaab). b. ca 1685 Argylshire SCT, d. SCT. His name has been
documented as either Hugh, Christian, or Dougal. I have assigned the name Hugh because
of the frequency of that name among descendants of his son Upper Duncan and other
c. ____(Christian) b. about 1690 Argyllshire SCT, d. SCT. He had 3 sons whowere the
progenitor of the "B" family in America. (GO TO "B" FAMILY).
GENERATION V Children of ____ McLaurin (Aaab)
a. ____ McLaurin (Aaaba)
b. Laughlin McLaurin (Aaabb or F), b. SCT, Moved to MS. When the official records of this
family were first located they appeared to be an entirely different family from the A. family
in NC, the B family in NC & SC, and the D family in MS. Therefore, the group was code
"F" (Go to "F" Family).
c. ____ McLaurin (Aaabc).
GENERATION VI Children of ____ McLaurin (Aaaba)
a. Upper Duncan McLaurin (Aaabaa), b. 1740 SCT, m. Mary McLaurin (Bca) (his 2ndcousin).
Upper Duncan and Mary migrated with her family and alwayslived near them. Therefore,
their children were coded with the "B"family when their official records were found. This is
correct sinceMary was "Bca" and there is no rule about how children of an "A"married to
a "B" should be coded. All descendants are withthe "B" Family (See "B" Family)..
b. Hugh McLaurin(Aaaba or G), b. ca 1745 SCT, d. 1817 Richmond Co. NC, m. but spouse
unknown. In Richmond Co, NC in 1790, 1800, 1810.(GO TO "G"FAMILY)
c. Catherine Mclaurin (Aaabac), m. Duncan McLaurin (Aaacb or Ba). Their children were all
coded in the "Ba" because Duncan wasone ot the progenitors of the :B: family in the US.
(Go To "B"Family).
d. ____ (female) (Aaabad), m. ____ McColl (male). Their descendant appear to be the only true
"A" Family MacLarens in theAmerica. There were not many children because Aaabad
evidently diedin childbirth and her husband remaried before he came to America.
e. Mary McLaurin (Aaabae or S), m. Daniel Stewart. Banks and associates continued to find
Stewarts that lived near, socialized with. and appeared to be part of the McLaurin families.
In order to reflect thisrelationship and apparent kinship, they were coded "S".
(GoTo "S" Family).
a. ____McLaurin (B or Aaac)
GENERATION II Children of ____ McLaurin (B)
a.Duncan McLaurin (Ba), b. 1724 Argyllshire SCT, d. Marlboro Co. SC, i.Stewartsville Cem,.
m. (1) Catherine ____ (b. & d. SCT, had 11 children), m. (2) before 1770 in SCT (son
Hugh was born 1774-1775 Isle of Sky) Catherine McLaurin (b. 28 Jan 1747 SCT,
d. Laurinburh NC, i. Stewartsville Cem., had 11 children came to America with Duncan as
his wife). Lived Hamalet, Richmond Co., NC.
b. Daniel McLaren (Bb), b. ca1730 Appin Argyllshire SCT, d. Appin SCT, m. ____ McColl
(sister ofDuncan McColl), all children came to America. Unlike most storiesabout
Scottish emigration to America, povert had no part in thedecision for the children
to come to America. His sons weregraduates of the University of Edinburgh. They had a
very goodstandard (far above average) of living and they lived in a beautifulsetting.
However, in view of the Military conscription of the time,the opportunity for improvement
was limited. Therefore, their parentsinsisted that the children emigrate. When members of
CMSNA touredScotland, I put this stop on the tour and everyone was impressed withthe
c. Hugh McLaurin (Bc), b. 29 Jan 1771 Argylleshire SCT, d. SCT,m. Nancy ____ (b. & d.
SCT), called "of Glenhyle". Probably did not come to America but their children did.
Accordingto their bible. Nancy were the ancestors of Olive McCaskill Bell (CM#10),
Vivian Natthews Hess (CM #91), John King McLaurin (CM #272),John Lowndes
McLaurin (CM 271a), Harold McLaurin Crosby (CM #445),King Harrison McLaurin
(CM #273), and many others.
d. ____McLaurin (Bd), her daughter, Margaret m. Alexander Chisholm andlive on Isle of Sky in
1804, Olive Bell documented that Margaret wasthe granddaughter of ____ McLaurin (B).
GENERATION III Children of DuncanMcLaurin (Ba) and his first wife Catherine ____.
a. John McLaurin (Baa),b. 1741 Argyllshire SCT, s/o Catherine ____, d. 1812 Richmand Co.
NC,i. Stewartsville Cem., m. Mary ____ (b. 1751, d, 1812 NC, i.Stewartsville Cem.),
came to America in 1788-1790, listed in 1790Census. Moved to Marlboro Co.,
SC in 1800.
b. Hugh McLaurin (Bab or Laa),s/o Catherine _____, m. Ann Stewart, came to America with his
father. (GO TO "L" FAMILY).
c. Mary McLaurin (Bac), b. 1756 SCT, d/oCatherine ____, d. 1828 Richmond Co. SC,
i. Stewartsville Cem., m.Kenneth McKenzie, came to America with father and stepmother.
Children of Duncan McLaurin (Ba) and Catherine McLaurin.
d.Blacksmith Hugh McLaurin (Bam), b. 1770-1775 SCT, d. 1840-1845 Marlboro Co. SC,
m. Margaret McEarhen.
e. Daniel McLaurin (Ban), b. SCT, d.bef. 1816 Hinds Co. MS.
f. Neil Mclaurin (Bao), 1779 Appin SCT, d. 16 Jan1853 Laurinburg, m. 1797 to Mary
Nichols (b. 1793, d. aft 25 Mar1865, i. aft. 25 Mar 1865 Marlboro Co. SC,
i. Stewartsville Cem.
g.Catherine McLaurin (Bap), b. 1779-1786 SCT, m. Lauchlin (Loch) McColl. Information from
court suit over land he purchased in Sweat Swamp. Cameto America in 1790 and settled
at Beaver Dam Creek near McColl, SC.
h. Margaret McLaurin (Baq),b. 1786, d. Marlboro Co. SC, m. Lewis Conner.
i.Effie McLaurin (Bau), b. SCT.
j. Lauchlin McLaurin (Bav), b. 1774 SCT, d.1864 Austin Travis Co. TX, i,Hornsby Cem.
m. Margaret Morrison. Theylived SCT; Richmond Co., NC; Rankin Co.. MS; and Travis
Co., TX.. Ancestors of William Rex McLaurin.
Children of Daniel McLaurin (Bb) and ____McColl
a. Neill McLaurin (Bba), b. 1771SCT, D. 1827 SC, m. CatherineMcMillan.
b. Laughlin McLaurin (Bbb). b. 1760 Sct, d. 1882 SC, m. ca 1783Sarah Annie McColl, parents
of Red Hugh an Daniel Calhoun McLaurin.
c. John D. McLaurin (Bbc), b. bef 1775 Appin SCT, d. 1823-1824 Perry Co. MS, m. (1) Sallie
Cameron, m. (2) Mary Catherine McIntyre.
d. DuncanMajor McLaurin (Bbd), b.176-1770 Appin SCT, d. 1840-1850 NC,
m. NancyCarmichael.
e. Hugh R, McLaurin (Bbf), b. 1770-1780 SCT, d. 1840-1850 MC,m. 1804 Sarah ____.
f. Daniel McLaurin (Bbg), b. 1766 Appin SCT,d. Simpson Co. MS, m. Nancy Calhoun.
g. Mary McLaurin (Bbh), b.bef 1765 Appin SCT, d. 1832-1833, m. John McKay.
h. MaryMcLaurin (Bbi), b. ca 1769 Appin SCT, d. 1831 NC, m. Alexander Fairley. Lots of
Fairley descendants.
Children of Hugh McLaurin (Bc) andNancy ____.
a. Mary McLaurin (Bca), b. 1744 Appin SCT, d. 1827, Richmond Co.NC, m. Upper Duncan
(Aaabaa). Mary & Duncan were 2nd cousin (SEE "A"FAMILY). Ancestor of Olive Bell
and Harold McLaurin Crosby.
b.Daniel McLaurin (Bcb), b. bef 1765 SCT, d. 1820-1830 Richmond Co. NC,
m. Mary Catherine Cameron.
c. John McLaurin (Bcc), b. 1830 SCT, left awife, four and a son.
d. Effie McLaurin (Bcf), b. bef 1775 SC, m. JohnCalhoun.
e. Laughlin McLaurin (Bcg), d. 1830 SC, m.Catherine ____. His sonwas a Presbyterian minister
in Muscogee Co., GA.
f. DuncanMcLaurin (Bch), b. 29 Jan 1771 Oban SCT, d. 1842 Mt. Olive MS, m. (1)1793
Nancy Black, m. 1801 Nancy McIntyre, m. (3) 1810 Katie Dave, m.(4) 1832 Jane
McCullum. Duncan received a letter from his brother,Ewen, in SCT that was simply
addressed "D. McLaurin, Goom- Swamp,NC".
a. John of Culloden McLaurin(D or Aaaa), b. Ca 1680, m. (1) ca 1720 spouse unknown, m. (2)
ca1730 ____ Bohanan, d. was killed on the battled field at Culloden.
GENERATION II Children of John of Culloden McLaurin (D).
a. NeilMcLaurin (Da), mother unknown, b. ca 1723 argyle SCT, m. ca 1750 spouseunknown,
d. 1750-1760 SCT. fought under Chieftian Donald (The Drover)at Culloden with the
Appin Stewarts and was severly wounded by a swordcut in the head. Had two children
but first names not known. Daughter lived in London, ENG. His son d. in SCT.
b. Daniel McLaurin (Db),b. 1731-1735 Argyllshire SCT, d. ca 1809 Laurinburg, NC, i.
Stewartsville Cem. m. ca 1859 Margaret McLaurine(note spelling) (Eaad), (b. ca 1735, b.
bef. 1783 SCT). His sons Hugh and Daniel cameto America in 1783, His son John came
in 1783 and landed atWilmington, NC and came up the Cape Fear River to Fayeteville
wherehis brothers had proceeded him. Daniel was known as "Daniel ofIslay" but there is
no evidence that he ever lived there.
c. HughMcLaurin (Dc), b. ca 1735 SCT, d. 1851 Richmond Co. NC, m. ca 1783-1789 to
____ Calhoun. He was called "of Baluhalis}. He came to America in 1790, settled in
Richmond Co., NC.
d. Duncan (Old McJohn)McLaurin (Dd), b. 1740 Argyllshire SCT, d. Jun 1833 at Evergreen
Conecuh Co. AL, i. north of Evergreen, m. (1) McPhater, m. (2)
Catherine ____ (d. 1782-1784 Richmond Co. NC), m.(3) 1790-1792Catherine
McLaurin (Fbd) (b, ca 1754 Glasgow SCT, d. 1841 ToomsubaMS). Nickname (Old
McJohn) came from being orphaned at five yearsold and the English oppression after
Culloden. He came to Americaabout 1770 (probably 1775) and landed at Wilmington. He
volunteeredduring the Rev. War into Capt. William Meer's Company He fought atCaney
Creek and at Slippery Bridge, he was hit in the shoulder by twomusket balls. Catherine
was called "of Glasgow" and cameto America on the Ship Jupiter in 1775 with her brother
Hugh (Fba). They lived in Richmond Co. NC then moved to Conecah Co., AL in 1823.
After Duncan's death. Catherine moved to Toomsuba, MS. I think thatthis was the Duncan
McLaurin that McLaurin was talking about.
a. Daniel McLaurin (E or Aba), b. bef1640 isle of Tyree SCT, lived and d. Invernary SCT,
m. spouse unknown.
GENERATION II Children of Daniel McLaurin (E)
a. John McLaurin (Ea),b. SCT, d. 1698 Kilmodan SCT, m. ____ Cameron. He was a
Presbyterianminister at Kilmodan SCT. Had three children and d. while they wereyoung.
b. Daniel McLaurin (Eb), b. SCT, lived Kilfinnan SCT where he was Presbyterian minister. He
reared his brother's children after they were orphaned.
GENERATION III Children of John (Ea) and ____ (Cameron)McLaurin.
a. John McLaurin (Eaa), b. 1693 Kilmodan SCT, d. 1574 SCT, m. (1)Lillas Rae, m. (2)
Margaret Bell. Only two of their children areknown.
b. Daniel McLaurine (Eab), b.& d. SCT. d. young.
c. ColinMcLaurin (Eac), b. 1668 Kilmodan SCT, d. 14 Jun 1746 Edinburgh SCT, m.Anne
Stewart. He was a noted Scottish mathmatician and physicist. He wrote and article which
was hailed as explaning Sir Isaac Newton'stheory in language understandable by an
average college professor. He was involved in he explanning of the difences of Edingurgh in
a. Laughlin McLaurin (F or Bab), b.ca1715 SCT, m. ____ Cameron.
GENERATION II Children of Laughlin McLaurin (F)and ____ Camerson
a. John McLaurin (Fa). m. but spouse unknown. They had 6children.
b. Duncan McLaurin (Fb), m. Catherine Rankin, Thye had 5children.
GENERATION III Children of Duncan (Fb) and Catherine RankinMcLaurin
a. Hugh Bellahales McLaurin (Fba), b. 1751 Argyllshire SCT, d.1846 Richmond Co. NC, i.
Stewartsville Cem., m. Catherine Calhoun. They had six children.
b. Sarah McLaurin (Fbb), b. SCT, d. bdf.1790 SCT. She had a daughter who came to america
with her Uncle Hug.
c. Sarah McLaurin (Fbc), b. 1756 SCT, d. 21 Sep 1825 NC, I.Stewartsville Cem., m. Kenneth
McKenzie. Two of their children are known.
a. Hugh McLaurin (G or Aaabah)), b. about 1745 SCt, d.1817 Richmond Co. NC, m. but
spouse unknown,. His wife d. before hewrote his will. Descendants are buried in
Stewartsville Cem. InRichmond Co. NC. They lived in Richmond Co. in 1790. 1800,
1810. Thefamily is hard to find in 1790 because they and just arrived and wereliving with
other family members. (1790 = 1 male > 16, 3 males <16, and 2 females).
GENERATION 11 Children of Hugh Mclaurin (G)
a. Laughlin, listed in father's will, and was not married at that time. No children were located.
b. Mary McLaurin (Gb). b.SCT, not m. at time offather's will, no known children.
c. Daniel, b.SCT, d. ca Oct 1846Richmond Co. NC, m. Mary ____ (b. 1776 SCT, d. abt
1850, lived RichmondCo. In his will, he left something to Solomon McCall who was
probably the son of his sister who m. a McColl. Children werelisted in his will as: Mary,
Nancy, Solomon, Laughlin (who hadchildren), Catherine (had children), and Margaret.
d. Angus McLaurin (Gd),b. 1779 SCT, d. 2 Dec 1844, m. Catherine ____. They lived in DD> RichmondCo. NC . Catherine lived with her children in 1850 and 1860.
e.Catherine McLaurin (Ge), b. 1769 SCT, d. 1859 , m. Daniel Blue. Theylived in
Richmond Co., NC.
f. Margaret McLaurin (GF), no records.
g. Effy McLaurin, m. ca 1823 to John Sinclair (b. 1762, d. 110 Apr 1825 Anson Co. NC)
h. John McLaurin (Gh), b. 1755-1774 SCT, m. spouseunknown, d. 1810-1820
Chesterfield Co. SC. He had come to theCarolina's on HMS Berkenheas in 1790.
a. Hugh McLaren (Laa) b. ca 1760 SCT, d. bef 1810 Kemper Co.MS, m. Ann Stewart (Sb).
They had 14 children.
GENERATION II Children of Hugh McLaren (Laa) and Ann Stewart (Sb).
a. Neill McLaurin(Laab), b. abt 1782 SCT, d. 1830-1840 Anson Co. NC, m. Christian ____.
They had 11 children.
b. John McLaurin Laaag), b. 1790-1800, d. Anson Co.NC, m. Margaret Harper, They had 9
c. Daniel McLaurin(Laad), b. 28 Jan 1818 SCT, d. 6 Apr 1848 Anson Co., NC, m. Ann
Stewart. They had 11 children but the names of 7 are not known, The
others were Christian, Hug, Mary, and Laughlin.
d. Duncan McLaurin (Laag),b. 1790-1800. d. aft 1852, m. Christian ____. They lived in
Anson Co. NCand had one known child.
"S" FAMILY GENERATION I Children of MaryMcLaren (S or Aaaba) and Daniel Stewart.
a. Dougal Stewart (Sa), b. 1731Appin SCT, b. 1865 Richmond Co. NC, m. Janet McCullum.
b. AnnStewart (Sb). b. 29 Jan 1760 SCT, d. 22 Sep 1865, i. McLaurin Cem.(This is a "J"
family cem.) Morven NC, m.Hugh McLaurin (Laa) (See "L" family).
c. Jennett Stewart (Sc), b. ca 1775 SCT, d.1837 Hinds Co. MS, m. (1) Daniel McLaurin (Ban),
m. (2) John Moore(no children).