Subject: Morag McLaurin
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 13:56:51 -0600
From: Hilton McLaurin 
To: JMac 

Jesse Hi
I have attached an html file for you it contains the Morag McLaurin
story I told you about.

The story supports the evidence that we McLaurin's lived in Appin during
the late 1700's. The names and descendents records could probaly be
found if searched for. The story also contains the MacIntyre/McLaurin
connection so often mentioned by our people to this day.

My thoughts are that the Parish records of Lismore, Scotland would be
the place to find some family records. It was the main religous center
in Pictish times and in the 6th century when the Scots landed in Argyll.
It is the depository for several smaller parishes in that Appin
District. Would they be available from the LDS?.

If we concentrate our research in Western Argyll, I am sure we will find
more on the noble Clan Laurin of Argyll.
Le Meas HL
Hilton Lamar McLaurin
(Cruaich Mara Mhic Labhruinn)
2209 22nd Street
Lubbock, Texas USA 79411