Old McLaurin Homeplace - where it all began 210 years ago;

I visited this 'ole McLaurin homeplace in Morven, NC on Sept 27, 1997. Henry McLaurin and myself, (Jesse McLaurin) made this trip thru Laurinburg and over to Morven which is only about an hours drive from Laurinburg. In these beautiful rolling sandhills, cotton and vegetables have always been the main support of the county with very little tobacco grown in this area.

The very first thing that catches your attention when you pull in the driveway of the old homeplace, is a very very old hand pump that is mounted thru the edge of the front porch and into a well to draw water. This was a very efficient and handy way to get water for that time era. While rounding the house, my attention is immediately drawn to an (L) for Laurin. Unbelievable but unmistakable, only about 10-15 feet from the back door is this huge walnut tree with a limb that makes a perfect (L). This tree has survived fires and lightening damage and one of the limbs extends about 3 feet out for a (perfectly flat - swing look) surface and then goes right up to make the perfect (L). I immediately know that I have just got to get a picture of my two grandchildren on this limb and label it 210 years later. Upon entering the house, you see very very old furnishings and you just get a very warm feeling and a picture in your mind of the many generations of happy children running around this area.

It is my understanding that this homeplace was originally a township with approximately 500 acres. There have been numerous sharecropper cottages and one (1) acre of this land has been designated as a family (McLaurin) cemetery. Here I found many gravestones of my ancient descendants. Evidently part of the McLaurins that ported Wilmington in the 1700's settled much of Eastern North Carolina including Fayetteville, Laurinburg and Morven. The Morven area is close to the South Carolina line so several McLaurins lived in South Carolina.

The last of the older generations of McLaurins to live in the homeplace was Beulah Barbara McLaurin who never married, and was born on 12/15/1904 and died this year on 04/18/1997. James Duncan McLaurin, (Uncle Jake), who never married and was born 01/30/1919 lived in the house with her until his death on 12/10/1992. Uncle Jake was very good with children and kind to animals as the story goes.

It is my understanding that the homeplace was passed to Daniel Jackson McLaurin b/03/06/1873, d/05/03/1926 who married Virgie Ross Russell by his two unmarried aunts Ann J. (Annie) McLaurin b/01/24/1824 d/07/08/1905 and Margaret McLaurin b/10/09/1833 and died 04/28/1895. These two aunts of Daniel Jackson McLaurin were the daughters of Daniel McLaurin b/06/28/1785 in Scotland and died 04/06/1846 and who married Nancy Ann Stewart. They were married on 01/13/1818 and Nancy Ann was born in Scotland on 02/19/1791 and died on 09/22/1865. They are both buried in the family cemetery. Part of the homeplace which includes the house is now passed to Daniel Jackson McLaurin's granddaughter Ellen Elizabeth McLaurin who married James (Jim) Harrison. Ellen and Jim were very hospitable, cordial and helpful in showing us the McLaurin homeplace and they only live about a 1/2 mile down the road from the homeplace.

It was a wonderful warm feeling to be able to see and actually walk in the home of where it all began 210 years ago. I think I finally got my (L) McLaurin group in the alphabetical group listing that Banks McLaurin made back in the 1960's with his McLaurin Quarterly Publications.

McLaurin Family Tree -- 12 Generations