Laurinburg May 10 69																Laurinburg May 10th 69

D'. John C. McIntyre

Dear Sir,
        Yours of sometime ago to hand and I should have written sooner but 
wished to be able to send some news from Brazil. I have seen Charles S. who 
is married as you have no doubt heard and a fine woman he has married, the 
widow of Jas. I. McRae who is a daughter of Archie Smith beyond [?] Floral 
College. Charles is farming and is doing pretty well.
	I learn from Charles by last accounts letter written 21st Jany that 
Duncan was better and that Danl. and family and all had settled down on a 
farm & the prospect was good for their making a living and perhaps a 
fortune. I hope they will do well Gunter had been to see them and said he 
did not think there was such a fine country so near as they had found and 
spoke I think of buying there Gunter said so Charles told me that he was 
glad to see them doing so well but Charles said dam him he thought he 
envied them If they had any comforts about them. Charles is down on Gunter.  
You do not say when you will return to Brazil and If Charles opinon is good 
I think you had better remain where you are or come down to North Carolina 
where civilization does exist or where we are in the union fully 
reconstructed and not like your State out in the cold.
	I rec'd a letter lately from Danl. my brother at Brandon & says 
John wants to visit the Warm Springs in Arkansaw and I have written them 
that you were going and If John could go I would like it John needs some 
company unless he has improved and would like you could be there together. 
I do not know that he can go as times are hard & all are broke about 
Brandon.  We are trying to plant and have had frost for the last three 
nights & cotton looks badly.
	Charles Shockley says that Gunter has not but 3 or 4 in his colony 
and hopes that he will have none after a short time and says If these 
could get off they would not stay it does Charley good to believe that 
Gunter will not be a Lord of the Country. If Charles tells the true history 
of Gunter & I do no doubt it he is a very ungrateful fellow as I saw the 
inducements held out to your brother Danl. which were very flattering.  
delivered Caders[?] letter to the man on whose place he lives.  Saw Cader[?] 
since - the gal I think he lives with. John Leachs' wife Mary Pallinew[?] 
old Peters daughter now married to Gillis Cader[?] was very much pleased to 
hear from his boys. I would have written you sooner only I was waiting to 
hear from Brazil have not seen Mrs. Malloy lately do not think she is 
getting along as I would wish her to do I am sorry that she should lack for 
anything in the world as I think her one of the best women I ever saw. John 
McIntyre's family are all well and all over sickness I think D'. Dickson 
said to me lately that he had but 1/2 doz. calls this year.  Write me soon 
& I will answer every time more punctually.

Very Resp'y
L.W. McLaurin																Very Resp'y
																L.W. McLaurin