The McLaren Family

Rural Municipality of Argyle

Baldur, Manitoba Canada

The McLaren forefathers would have been most pleased that a branch of the McLaren clan chose to pioneer in a municipality with a strong Scottish name of Argyle.

Three brothers and a sister left for Canada. The sister met and married a fellow by the name of McCrae in Nova Scotia. She remained there and contact was lost. Archie and Peter settled in the area of Perth, Ontario & another brother, John, settled in the United States.

Archie McLaren married Katherine Mcquarrie from the village of Coshen near Renfrew. Her family came from near Glasglow, Scotland. Archie and Katherine's children were: Archie, Duncan, Peter, and Katherine. Duncan married Sarah MacMillan and they farmed at Balderson, Ontario.

Duncan and Sarah had six of a family: Archie, James, Katherine, Peter, Mary & Alexander. These children were all born at Balderson, Ont. The summers were spent farming and the boys went cutting wood at lumber camps during the winter.

James came to Winnipeg in the late 1880's and worked for his cousins on their farm and also worked during the winter at the Brunswick stables. He laid claim to his homestead in 1888 in the rural municipality of Argyle. While making improvements to his homestead he stayed part time with his cousins - the Archie McLaren family. ( Cheri's great grandfather).

Archie & Lavinia McLaren Family

Archie McLaren homesteaded NE 2-4-14 in the Municipality of Argyle in the province of Manitoba, Canada October 15, 1882. He did a fair amount of blacksmith work. He came as a single man along with his brother Jim about the year 1880, from Perth Ontario. He travelled to Emerson and took a boat up the river to Winnipeg, then travelled by ox team to Pilot Mound.

Archie married Lavinia Sexsmith about 1882. She was the daughter of John I. Sexsmith who had also homesteaded the area. They had moved from Napanee, Ont. Archie & Lavinia had a family of nine children. They lived in a log house consisting of 3 rooms for a number of years. Then in 1897 they built another part on consisting of 5 rooms. The house is till standing to this day and was used until 1969.

The children were: John, born in 1883, James, born in 1885, Archie Sexsmith, born in 1886, William Wesley, (Cheri's Grandfather) born in 1888, peter Henry, born in 1895, Clarence, born in 1897, Ellen or "Nellie" born in 1900 & Albert Edward, born in 1902.

In 1906, the two oldest boys, John & James, took up homesteads in Saskatchewan, not far from Watrous. The rest of the family stayed in Argyle most of their lives.

Two of the sons, Peter and Calrence, were overseas during WWI. They returned to take up farming. Peter, though, was sick from the war, so had to quit. He lived in Baldur for years, moving to Winnipeg in the 1950's. Clarence spent most of his years on the home farm (fondly referred to as the 'homeplace') where he trapped in the winter, catching many foxes & coyotes.

William & Doris McLaren Family

(Cheri's grandparents)

William Wesley, the fourth son of Archibald Duncan & Lavinia (Sexsmith) McLaren was born on Sept.5, 1888, at the family farm, seven mile south of Baldur, in the Municipality of Argyle.

William went to Wigton, Roseberry & Baldur Schools. Working at home, and going off to threshing gangs in Saskatchewan kept him employed in his younger years. In 1916 he purchased 27-3-14.

Tired of farming alone, he picked up an English bride in Winnipeg, Miss Doris Olive gilder, born in Maidstone, Kent, England on March 21, 1899. They were married in St. Mark's Anglican Church in Baldur on Jan.19, 1929. Their first son, Murray Edmund, was born on Aug. 13, 1931, and second son (Cheri's Dad) was born on Aug.22, 1938.

William Wesley passed away in December, 1960. Doris died March 11, 1978 & they are both buried in Neelin Cemetary.

Duncan & Bernice Mclaren Family

(Cheri's Mom & Dad)

Duncan Wesley McLaren was born on Aug.22,1938 on the family farm. He was the second and youngest son of Doris Gilder & William McLaren. His school days were spent at the country school of Connaught. In 1955, he worked on a construction crew for the Pool and Grain Growers elevators and stayed on for 6 years. In 1961, he started driving a gravel truck locally and continued with this until 1970.

In 1964, he married Bernice Isabelle Malyon from Glenboro who came to the Connaught district as a schoolteacher from 1961-1963. In 1964 they moved to Glenora and remained there til 1970. Bernice taught school there from 1964-1968.

In 1970 they rented the Fred Everett farm & in 1971 they moved northward to the George Ward farm. They purchased the farm in 1976 and are still residing there. They have 5 children-

Cheri Lynne was born July 2, 1965. Trevor William was born March 28, 1968.Deborah Anne was born March 15, 1970. Denise Marie was born December 31, 1972. Kent Sinclair ( Mom & Dad's afterthought!!) was born Jan.26, 1980.