The original research on "MacLarens" in the USA was done by individual MacLarens researching their immediate families. Banks McLaurin, Jr., who was a member of the "B" family, researched his own family and attempted to put the information from the segments of the family history and genealogy forms from all other researchers into one family tree. In order to facilitate handling the accumulated volume of data, he and his cooperaters used an alphanumeric numbering system with the beginning capital letters designating the sub-family and/or the researcher.

Banks began his numbering system with arbitrary letters as he identified a group of related individuals. When he began to see the relationship among the eight families listed here, he renumbered the families to reflect that relationship. The "A" family was identified last and was constructed to reflect the relationships of the "B", "D", "E", "F", "G", "L", and "S" families as shown below.

Most of the individuals listed in the "A" family were born and died in SCT but several emigrated to the USA and became important in the expansion of the family and in the development of the country. Many first names of the individuals in the family are not known but their existance and offspring have been documented. The known history of this family begins about 1600.

(1). A: ____ MacLaren, d. before 1600.

(2). Aa: Daniel MacLaren, m. a Stewart. Minister.
(3). Aaa: John b. about 1645, m. a Cameron (sister of the w/o Colin)
(4). Aaaa: John of Culloden McLaurin, Killed on the battlefield at Culloden.
(4). Aaab: ____ McLaurin, b. 1685 Argyllshire SCT.
(5). Aaaba: ____ McLaurin, b. 1710, father of Upper Duncan.
(6). Aaabaa: Upper Duncan, b. 1740, d. 1828 MS, m. Mary McLaurin (Bca),
b. 1744, d. 1744 MS and his children are considered as "B" family because Mary
was identified first.
(6). Aaabab: Hugh McLaurin, b, 1745, d. 1817,
(6). Aaabac: Catherine McLaurin, b. 1747 SCT, d. 1829 SCT,
m. Duncan McLaurin (Aaach) (1725 SCT, d. 1809).
(6). Aaabae: Mary McLaurin, m. Daniel Stewart who died before the family came to
America. We know she was a sister of Catherine McLaurin (above). This Stewart
familywas so closely associated with the McLaurin families in the Carolinas that
considerable information was accumulated while researching McLaurins and it
became necessary to give this sub-family an identification. Her descendants appear
to be the only "A" family members in the U.S.
(7). Aaabad: John McColl, b. 1772 Appin SCT, d. 1858 Marlboro Co. SC.
(8). Aaababa: John Laurin McColl, b. 1812, d. 1894.
(7). Aaabad: Catherine McColl, d. at about 30 years of age, no record of children.
(5). Aaabb: Laughlin McLaurin, PROGENITOR OF THE "F" FAMILY.
(3). Aab: ____ McLaurin, b. & d, SCT, his descendants comprised the "B" family.
(4). Aaba or Ba: Duncan McLaurin, b. 1727 SCT, d. 1809 NC, m. Catherine
McLaurin, b. 1825, d. 1809.
(5). Baa or Laa: Hugh McLaurin, d. before 1819 Kemper Co. MS,m. Ann Stewart
(d/o Daniel Stewart and Mary McLaurin {S}).
(2). Ab: ____ McLaurin.
(3). Aba: Daniel born before 1640, listed as of Isle of Tyre. moved to Invernary,


(1). B: ____ McLaurin, b. & d. SCT.

(2). Ba: Duncan McLaurin, b. 1724, d. 1799, emigrated from Appin SCT
--> Cape Fear NC in 1788, m. Catherine ____, wounded at Culloden
in '46.
(2). Ba: John McLaurin, b. 1741 SCT, d, 1812 NC, i. Stew. Cemetery
(Richmond Co., NC).
(3). Baa: "Hurricane" Daniel McLaurin, b. 1774 SCT, d. 1838 while
enroute from AL to MS.
(3). Bab or Laa: Hugh McLaurin, PROGENITOR OF "L" Family.
(3). Baf: Mary McLaurin, b. 1756 SCT, d, 1825, m. Keneth McKenzie in
Richmond NC.
(4). Bafa: Duncan McLaurin, b. SCT, d. ca 1845, m. (1) Catherine and
had 11 children, m. (2) Catherine McLaren(b. 1747 SCT, d. 1829) they
had 11 children, Appin SCT to NC in 1790.
(3). Bam: "Blacksmith" Hugh McLaurin, b. ca 1773 SCT, d. 1840 NC.
Margaret McEahern, have copy his will (MQ4:14).
(4). Bame: Daniel E. McLaurin, b. 1807 NC, immigratated NC --> Hinds
Co. MS.
(3). Ban: Daniel McLaurin, b. SCT, d. 1816 MS, Emigrated SCT -->
Hinds Co. MS, all children to MS.
(3). Bav: Laughlin McLaurin, b. 1784 SCT. d. 1864 TX, in Hornsby Cem,
m. Margaret Morrison, emigrated SCT --> NC --> SC --> Rankin Co.
MS -->
Travis Co. TX.
(4). Bavb: Angus McLaurin, b. 1810 NC, d. 1885 TX, m. (1) Elizabeth
Jane Brooks, m. (2) Margaret Wilkinson, m. (3) Mary E. Martin, had 11
(4). Bavj: Christian McLaurin, b. NC, moved to TX.
(4). Bavk: Murdock Morrison McLaurin, b. NC, Moved to TX.
(4). Bavi: Duncan McLaurin, killed at the battle of Atlanta.
(2). Bb: Daniel McLaurin, Daniel McLaurin, b. SCT, did not come to US
but his children did.
(3). Bba: Neill McLaurin, b. 1771 SCT, d. 1827 NC, i. Stew. Cem.. all
his children remained in NC or SC.
(3). Bbb: Laughlin McLaurin, b. Isle of Skye, d. 1822 NC, in Stew. Cem.,
m. Ann McColl (b. Isle of Mull), SCT --> NC, Ann returned to SCT.
Their grandson Anslem Joseph McLaurin was Governor of MS and US
Senator from MS.
(3). Bbc: John D. McLaurin, SCT --> NC --> MS
(5). Bcg: Duncan McLaurin, b. 1811, d. 1855, NC --> MS --> Covington
Co. AL.
(3). Bbd: "Major" Duncan Mclaurin, b. 1765, d. 1845.
(3). Bbg: Daniel McLaren, b. 1766, d. 1845. Most of his children moved
to Sampson Co. MS.
(4). Bcab: Hugh McLaurin, m. Sormintha Love. She wrote some very
interesting stories about the family.
(7). Olive Lance McCaskill (Olive Bell)

CM #10. Olive McCaskill Bell of Albuquerque, NM.
CM #91.
CM #191.
CM #270. John King McLaurin of St. Petersburg, FL.
CM #272.
CM #445. Harold McLaurin Crosby of Greenville, MS.
CM #628, Mary Sommers Peirce of Alexandria, VA
CM #276. Robert Love McLaurin of Cincinnati, OH.
CM #637. James Evon McLaurine of Zackery, LA. / TX NM


(1). D: John of Culloden McLaurin, b. <1680 SCT, killed on the field at Culloden, m. (1) unknown, m. (2) ____ Bohanan. Honored as a member of the Appin Regt. at the Old Church at Appin, SCT.

(2). Da: Neil, b. 1723, d.~1760, fought at Culloden and was severly
wounded by a sword cut to the head.
(3). Dab: ____ McLaurin, m. a McKenzie.
(4). Dabl: Laughlin McKenzie, Distingushed in British English Navy.
Nichalos of Russia honored him and induced him to settle in Russia.
(2). Db: Daniel McLaurin, b. 1735 SCT, d. 1804 NC, i. Stew. Cem.,
m. Margaret McLaurin (Eaad). Emigrated Argyllshire to NC.
(3). Dba: "Piper" Hugh McLaurin, b. 1760 SCT, d. 1856, Migrated: SCT
- -> NC --> Copiah Co., MS.
(3). Dbb: Daniel: Daniel McLaurin, drowned at sea, shipping out of
Portland, ME.
(3). Dbc: "Big" John McLaurin, b. 1765 SCT, d. 1848 NC, i. Stew. Cem.,
Emigrated: SCT --> NC, Children --> MS.
(2). Dd: Duncan "Old Mc John" McLaurin, b. 1740 SCT, d. 1833,
Migrated:SCT --> NC --> AL. Children --> AL MS.
Six generations
CM #271. Joe M. McLaurin of Rockingham, NC.
CM #201. Brian Dudley Smith of Baton Rouge, LA
CM #624. Francis Charles Bladen of Baton Rouge. LA.


(1). E: Daniel McLaurin, b. before 1640 Isle of Tyree SCT, d. Inveray SCT,

information from Mrs. H. C. Hoy.
(2). Ea. John McLaurin, d. ca 1698, m. a Cameron. lived Kilmodan,
Glenarvel, SCT, Presbyterian Minister at Kilmodan. Have a
small stone from the old manse.
(3). Eaa: John McLaurin, b. 1693, d. 1754, lived Kilmodan, Episcipal
(4). Eaac: Robert McLaurine, b. 1717 SCT, d. 1773 VA, m. Elizabeth
Blaikley. emigrated SCT to VA in 1749, settles
near Richmond, his home called Somerset, i. beneath
chancel of the old Peterville church, moved to
(5). Eaach: James McLaurine, b. 1758, d. 1847, m. Catherine Stegar,
served 7th VA Line in Rev. War and was at Valley Forage.
(6). Eaach: Virginia Jackson McLaurine, b. 1815, d. 1879, m. Alfred
Daniel Mosby.
(7). Eaacha: Johm Singleton Mosby, called The Gray Ghost of the CSA.
He was a Pvt. Headquarters of Jeb Stuart's Command at the
first seige of Richmond. Stuart needed some fresh ideas or
Richmond would fall. The sandy haired, 5' 6" Mosby, who
had just returned from a scouting trip behind enemy lines.
shook the plume in his hat and knelt and sketched his plan in
the dirt. It was a troop of 100 selected men could ride
completely around the invading army and harrass and
demoralise them. Stuart and Lee approved. Two hours later,
Stuart and Mosby rode out of Richmond to the east at the
head of 1200 handpicked men. Seventy-two hours later they
returned from the opposite direction. Mosby had stolen
northern newspapers, from Union officers tents,and brought
them to the editor of the Richmond Dispatch. His reputation
was made by the subsequent stories that were published,
besides the newspapers the captured guns, ammunition, and
other supplies.


(1). Va: Finley McLaren. s/o Donald MacLaren of Balquhidder, b. Balquhidder, m. 1785 Callander, SCT to Margaret Campbell, moved to Albany, NY; d. Onondaga NY. Many of earlier families were Ministers. Finley and Margaret had 8 children.

(2). Vaa: Mary, d. young
(2) . Vab: John d. young
(2). Vac: Margaret
(2). Vad: Christian, d. PA
(2). Vae: Donald Campbell, d.. NY.
(2). Vaf: Malcom Neil, d.
(2). Vag: William, d. Galt, CA
(2). Vah: John Finlay, d. NJ

William Stephenson MacLaren (Vafadb) attempted to fly the Atlantic in 1931 with Mrs. Beryl Hart. The plane disappeared. (Vavedc) was a Japanese prisioner during WWII,

/ -- MA VT CAN
/ ----PA
Migration: NY --- NY -- VA

\ --- IL
\ ----MN --- WI --- KS
\ --- CO --- CA --- HI

CM #3. William Stephen McLaren Arnold of Alexandria, VA.
CME #7. Christie Beeler of Vasalia, CA
CM #195.
CM #432. Georgia L. Anderson of St. Paul, MN.
CM #460. James MacLaren of Santa Fe, NM.

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