Miss Henderson's most important writings, Basic Principles of Nursing Care and Principles and Practice of Nursing (6th ed. written with Gladys Nite), have been re-printed by the International Council of Nurses and are now available through American Nurses Publishing. The re-printing of these important and timeless works was accomplished through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Proceeds from the sale of the books will be used to support the establishment of an endowment to underwrite some of the expenses of a Virginia Henderson Fellowship at ICN in Geneva.

Basic Principles of Nursing Care

This work is the 20th Century's equivalent of Nightingale's Notes on Nursing. With the appearance of the antibiotic in the middle of the 20th Century, some of what had been written by Nightingale in Notes suddenly became dated. Her emphasis on nature as primary healer was eclipsed by technologic developments. Henderson was completely re-writing the Harmer and Henderson Textbook on the Principles and Practice of Nursing (5th edition, 1955, Macmillan) when she first utilized her description of Nursing. Shortly after the textbook was published Miss Henderson was asked by the International Council of Nurses to write an essay on nursing that was considered applicable in any part of the world and relevant to both nurses and their patients, sick or well. Basic Principles of Nursing Care (ICN, 1960) resulted and was an immediate sensation. In the intervening years the essay has been translated into 29 languages. This edition, one of several published by ICN, is a special commemorative book printed on special paper and handsomely bound in a maroon hard cover stamped in gold lettering. It would make a fine gift for any nurse, especially someone new to the profession and a handsome addition to a professional library. The book is $29.95 and is now available from American Nurses Publishing or by calling 1-800-637-0323

Principles and Practice of Nursing (6th edition)

When Miss Henderson completed revising her text in 1953 she moved to Yale where she began a career in library research. She helped index research studies in nursing and then embarked on an eleven year effort to index the English language nursing literature published between 1900 and 1960. The 4 volume Nursing Studies Index resulted. This work has grown into an essential library reference. Only after the completion of this research did she start revising her textbook. The sixth edition, written with Gladys Nite and 17 contributors was completed after 5 years of preparation and published in 1978 by Macmillan. This is the most important and scholarly work published on nursing in the 20th Century. This 2 119 page work is informed by the thousands of citations to research, practice and expert opinion literature that Miss Henderson synthesized around the organizational schema provided in Basic Principles of Nursing Care. While the work is scholarly, it is also a book that Miss Henderson said would inform an individual about how to take care of a family member, loved one or friend. This ICN limited edition is intended for the scholars and nurses who missed the opportunity to obtain a copy before the original went of print. This book is also handsomely bound in a maroon, hard cover stamped with gold lettering. It, too, is available from American Nurses Publishing at $89.95 and can be ordered by calling 1-800-637-0323.

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