Brown Ale - extract
This was my first homebrew. A simple brown ale from extract, only done in primary, no secondary fermenter.

Fat Tire Ale - extract
An attempt to copy the wheat beer Fat Tire Ale. An extract beer with specialty grains, this beer turned out very well.

Pumpkin Porter - extract
This was a pumpkin porter using canned pumpkin. Just the right amount of pumpkin and spices, this was a big hit.

Ass Kickin' Ale - extract
A "kitchen sink" recipe, I threw all the leftover ingredients into this brew with scottish ale yeast. Not too bad, nice malty flavor.

Hoeggarden Wit - extract
This beer came out pretty similar to Hoeggarden, though darker due to the early extract addition.

Caramel Cream Ale - extract
A brew of Cheesefood's almost famouse caramel cream ale, this wasn't quite what I was expecting. It took a long time for the vanilla to mellow.

Irish Red Ale - extract
This was an extract kit from Midwest that I made for the Disney party. I think it was damn good, but who really remembers much from that night?

Hop Head IIPA - extract
Another extract kit from midwest, this was a great IPA. High IBUs balanced out the higher starting gravity, and the dry hopping just sealed the deal.

Mocha Java Stout - extract
Coffee. Chocolate. Beer. The perfect combination. This stout came out real well, with nice hints of chocolate aftertaste and a good coffee flavor.

Off Me Pickle Cherry Wheat - extract
This beer might just get you off your pickle. Good cherry flavor and a high ABV.

Madeline's Oatmeal Stout - extract
Nice, simple oatmeal stout with good mouthfeel and great body.

Flying Fish Farmhouse Ale Clone - all grain
This was my first forray into all-grain brewing. The sour mash didn't quite come out as planned, but overall a decent, dry beer for summer.

Once in a Blue Moon - all grain
Now this is why I switched to all grain! Pefect pale color, great freshness and the perfect amount of orange and corriander.

Danny and Sarah's Wedding Weizen - all grain
I made this brew to celebrate Danny and Sarah's nuptuals. It must have been good, the 2 cases were polished off before the wedding party made it to the reception!

Hardball Honey Blonde Ale - all grain
An attempt at a german-type honey blonde, not bad, but probably too much honey added. Kind of sweet.

Lucky 7 Rye IPA - all grain
This was an adaptation of Brewpastor's 777 IPA with rye added to the mash, heavily dry hopped.

Summerwalk Pale Ale - all grain
A nice, refreshing pale ale with cascade and perle hops.

Magic Hat #9 Apricot Ale - all grain
My version of Magic Hat #9, using Warrior hops just as the big boys do. Came out remarkably close to the real thing.

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Al - all graine - all grain
A clone of Rogue's Hazelnut Brown, this beer came out great, a little less hazelnutty than Rogue, but a little more caramel flavor.

Special Edition Barley Wine - all grain
My first big beer, coming in at a whopping 1.090 OG! People say their barley wines last years, and know I know why, after an 8 hour brew day.

Bavarian Wheat - all grain
Almost exactly the same as the Wedding Weizen, this used Wyeast Bavarian Wheat yeast instead of 3688. Just as good though.

Extra Special Bitter - all grain
This was an English Bitter that came out great with munich malt. Could be the new house beer!

Dunkelryezen - all grain
A new take on dark hefeweizen, this Dunkelweisen used rye malt for a little extra spicyness.

Blueberry Ale - all grain
A little dissapointing in body, you can still taste the handpicked NC blueberries.

Ed Wort's Haus Pale Ale - all grain
A classic number by Ed, cheap and easy, and so tasty.

Summer Ale - all grain
A great thirst quencher with a great lemon flavor, this is truly a great summer beer.

Kickoff IPA - all grain
Just in time for football season, a single hopped IPA with Simcoe.

Autumn Pumpkin Ale - all grain
An annual favorite, this years version of the pumpkin ale has a tasty ale base with Marris Otter.

70 Schilling Ale - all grain
A scottish heavy, this makes for a good session beer at 3.8% ABV.

Bitter Red - all grain
Somewhere between a red and an amber, a good hop base made this a phenomenal beer.

Hobgoblin - all grain

Dubbel Dog - all grain

Milk Stout - all grain