Book in Hebrew:

Evyatar Marienberg,

Catholicism Now:

An Introduction to  the Contemporary Catholic Church

Carmel, Jerusalem, 2010



The first (and currently, only) book of its kind in Hebrew




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An evening about the book,

arranged by the “Hebrew Speaking Catholic Vicariate”,

Jerusalem, June 22nd, 2010


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 Yitzhak Laor, Haaretz Weekend Culture Supplement

 [May 2010]

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Hebrew Paper Version)


Response to Yitzhak Laor by David Neuhaus:


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Dror Eydar, Israel ha-Yom

 [December 2010]

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Sergio I. Minerbi, Katharsis

[Vol. 15, 2011]


Gal Oren, Iton 77

[Vol. 360, March-April 2012]

(Hebrew Paper Version)



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Tomer Persico (in Hebrew)


Nicolas Baguelin (in French)




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