Research Opportunities for UNC Students


I regularly hire undergraduates and graduate students to work on various research projects. Look through the links to the left and explore some of my recent research areas. In 2014-15 I have a lot of projects relating to the death penalty in North Carolina and in the US more generally, a large study of traffic stops (racial profililng) in North Carolina based on a large database covering all traffic stops in the state from 2000 on, and miscellaneous research and teaching projects on which I sometimes need help. I may not be hiring at the moment for the particular project you find most interesting, but I may have started up a new one.


If you are interested in working on one of my research projects, and you are a current UNC-CH student, please use the link below to fill out an application.


Note: If you qualify for work-study benefits, why work at the library shelving books or cleaning dishes at the dorm cafeteria? I could hire you to get involved in some research project. (No offense to current dorm and library workers!)


Students typically go through some training period, then work on their own and give regular reports on their progress. I usually hold weekly meetings to discuss problems, track progress, and keep everyone involved. The work tends to be computer- and internet-based. I'm particularly interested in hiring students with an interest in continuing their studies in grad school, who might want to do a thesis related to any of my research projects, who'd like to stay involved for a while, or those with some particular technical skills. No one has all these things simultaneously, so if you're not sure, please apply anyway, or contact me with questions.


Download a job application including instructions.



updated: August 30, 2016

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