Protein extraction buffer (Camiolo buffer):

100 ml= 	(0.075M Potassium Acetate) 0.736g
		(0.3M) NaCl			1.753g
		(0.1M) L-arginine basic salt	1.742g
		(0.01M) EDTA-HCl		0.292g
		(0.25%) Triton X-100		250. ul
		up to 100 ml with dH20. pH 7.4. Then 0.2 um filter.

1. Freeze tissue in liquid nitrogen.
2. Rinse in PBS then mince.
3. Add 1 ml Camiolo extraction buffer per 100 mg of tissue.
4. Homogenize for 1 minute at 4'C.
5. Spin at 3,000. rpm/15 minutes/4'C.
6. Remove supernatant and save in another tube.
7. If necessary, dialize the supernatant against PBS with 
	50mM/L Tris-HCl pH 7.4.