october 31, 2003
franklin street, chapel hill, nc

Without any retouching, cropping or adjustments, I bring you Halloween circa 2003.

Owen and Charles' Pre-Party

Owen as the deer he and Michelle hit with their car in Oregon this summer.

Glamour shots. Check out Mara's hair. It didn't move.

Fallen Angel Meghan

Inspired t-shirt as costume

Ben in his costume

Fallen Angel Trish

Goth Princess Tracy. Her mom made this dress. She made the gloves. For her high school Prom!!!

Super Allison

Charles' college roommate Kevin and his wife Mary

Clay Aiken belting it out

Me as the groovin' Peruvian. Pet my llama. Pet it.


The Fallen Angels conspire. Look, they have the same wings.

White Trash. I like Sarah's black eye. And how the light reflects off of Andrew's shiny shirt.

Jason and Betsy's friends Karen and Cheryl

Betsy as a Mexican wrestler. The scary part was that these masks laced up in the back.
It brought back some scary memories of The Gimp from Pulp Fiction.

Jason with the inmate and nun, doing jello shots.


Jason in his scary Mexican wrestler mask.

Chris as the Great Pumpkin

The best part of Sarah's one piece polyester outfit was how it showed off her bra strap.
Chris handily points out how it also accentuates her back fat.

Jason giving Betsy the knock down.

Jackie as a Ski School drop out.

Terry Jo from the block and Avril Levine

Abe macking on Meghan

Franklin Street

Random superheros in the street

The fine officers of Chapel Hill. I bet they love Halloween.



A whiteboard

Goth kids

Colleen and PJ


This guy was really into his costume.

The street

This guy ran into a woman also dressed as a bee. He grabbed her and yelled
'We're both bees. We're both bees.' I think it scared her. It was actually pretty funny.


Padre Neo P

This guy was a music pirate. He was dressed as a giant CD and had pirate gear.
Best costume idea ever.

Gothic hula girl Brian

Towely from South Park

Meg as Roy Horn, of Siegfried and Roy, being attacked by a white tiger

Mayhem in Hell


Chris' After-Party

Recovering from the maddening crowds

Jackie and Abe

Mac Daddy Abe