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Welcome to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism's AP StyleBuilder, a page designed to improve your mastery of the Associated Press Stylebook. Use your stylebook to answer the questions posed in the following sentences, click on the answer you believe is correct and get instant response. Hope you find this helpful.
-- Frank E. Fee Jr., Knight Professor of Editing

1. Three members of the Athens city council / City Council were invited to attend the governor's meeting. 

2. Five people were killed in the bus crash near Atlantic City, N.J.; another eight / eight more were injured.

3. She was appointed anchor / anchorwoman of the news show at 7 a.m. / AM on channel 4 / channel four / Channel Four / Channel 4.

4. After she returned from sailing around the world, she authored / wrote a book about her experiences. It became a best-seller / best seller.

5. He was convicted for / of the murder in 1996.

6. Some fear the collapse of the Social Security system when the baby boomers / Baby Boomers start to retire in a few years.

7. Members of Alpha Phi sorority are planning their first annual / first clothing drive next month for the homeless children in Athens County.

8. To achieve racial integration, the courts ordered that students be bused / bussed to new schools.

9. The new report on Alzheimer's disease / Disease came from the U.S. Center / Centers for Disease Control / Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

10. She was slightly injured when her car struck / collided with the tree on Spielman Drive.

11. Democrat Ted Strickland was re-elected over Republican Nancy Hollister in the Congressional / congressional race in eastern Ohio.

12. The senators signed the historic documents using ballpoint / ball point / ball-point pens that were incorrectly engraved, "Untied States Senate." 

13. She was a blond / blonde when they were married but then she dyed her hair brunet / brunette

14. After the storm, crews using chain saws / chainsaws cleared many of the downed limbs.

15. The sleet and freezing rain warnings touched off a city-wide / citywide panic.

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