As of January 24, 2000 I began posting articles on the UNC-CH athletic website, www.tarheelblue.com.  The articles posted on the rowing website allow fans to keep updated about races, practices, and other events that we participate in.  Listed below are links to all the articles I have written for the website.  


Spring 2000                             

Jan. 24, 2000 Laura N. Fogt talks about the upcoming season.  
Feb. 14, 2000:  Practice has finally begun. 
Feb. 23, 2000:  Less than two weeks until the Tar Heels hit University Lake against Duke. 
Mar. 27, 2000:  What a week it was!

Fall 2000

Aug. 30, 2000:  Looking back to the summer and ahead to the upcoming season.
Sept. 9, 2000 The UNC rowing team hits the water in preparation for the fall season.
Sept. 18, 2000 With race nearing, Tar Heels settle into fall routine.



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