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go girl! SURFING women in film website movie critique with a feminist flair beyond hip e-zine for women same as above with a satiric house-wife charm more of the same with many alterna-mommy issues. the ultimate webgurrrl site. fun-fun-funny these women know design sister style substance and more

Vamps; An Illustrated History Of The Femme Fatale
      By: Pam Keesey

Chick Flicks
      By: B. Ruby Rich

The Power of the Image
      By: Annette Kuhn

VIEWING (in no particular order)
Blue Steel
Ruby in Paradise
Highway 61
Teresa's Tattoo
The Linguine Incident
Jackie Brown
My New Gun
Something Wild
Married to the Mob
I Like It Like That
Just Another Girl on the IRT
Gas Food & Lodging
Bagdad Cafe
So I Married An Axe Murderer
Sea of Love
this is a small selection of American Films only...

ruby! megan turner!

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