McIntyre's at Fearrington Village
   Tucked away in the Village at Fearrington, just south of Chapel Hill, you will find a glorious bookshop presented in an English library atmosphere. Their selection of books is amazingly diverse. They pay particular attention to regional authors and their mystery section is comparable to the Regulator's.
   What really sets them apart though, is their staff. These people are more than knowledgeable, they're enthusiastic. Not only do they provide a brief synopsis or clever anecdote printed neatly on index cards attached to many of the books lining their shelves, they will gladly enter into an impassioned discourse about many of them and lead you to similarly essential & enjoyable reads.Try and find that at one of the soulless mega-bookmarts that line the 'burbs these days.
   In addition to their impeccable service, they offer a year-round calendar of literary events.

Nice Price Books
   Any place housing a vintage Moto Guzzi in their foyer is all right by us. But wait, it gets even better. As you walk up the sidewalk to this cute pink house located right off Main St.. in Carrboro, you are likely to hear the welcoming strains of Bessie Smith or Elvis Costello. An undergrad's dream, Nice Price Books makes good on their name, offering a huge selection of literary masterpieces that comprise the required reading lists of local universities at a fraction of the price of said universities' bookstores. In addition to selling, buying & trading used books, they also offer CD's and vinyl. It is a slim chance that you will leave the store empty handed.
100 Boyd St.    Ph:(919)-929-6222
Hours: 10-10 M-Sa, 12-10 Su

The Skylight Exchange
   Duck down the alley between Henry's & the old Mama Dips and you will find one of the most interesting literary scenes in Chapel Hill. Once home to the best music venue (Rhythm Alley) this side of the Cat's Cradle, the Skylight Exchange offers an eclectic selection of literature, philosophy, and fiction. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the books are extremely reasonable, & they offer food & live entertainment as well. B&N cannot compare.
405 1/2 W Rosemary St.   Ph:(919)-933-5550
open: 10-11 M-Th, 10-12 F-Sa, 11-11 Su

The Regulator Bookshop in Durham
   "Dedicated to separating the wheat from the chaff in the deluge of the printed word, the Regulator is an independent bookshop founded in 1976." A Ninth St. staple in Durham, the Regulator is not just for Duke students and Durham locals. This bookshop is well worth the drive from either Raleigh or Chapel Hill. The staff is friendly and helpful, and extremely well versed in a variety of genres. They are pretty renown for their "murder noir" selection, and almost any suggestion made from this section of the store will not disappoint. Their gracious services include a bimonthly newsletter and a biweekly email update listing current events & latest releases. Locally owned, they are invested in the community and offer a yearly scholarship.

Avid Reader in Chapel Hill
Crossing the threshold of this bookshop, you might feel as if you're entering someone's private library. The air is musty, the lighting is dim, the atmosphere is quiet and reserved & the shelves are crammed with so many wonderful books, its almost overwhelming. While the staff will never be accused of being overzealous in their efforts to sell you something, they are extremely knowledgeable and will help you when asked. We defy you to leave the store in less than an hour, we've never been able to -- even when equipped with a specific list.
462 W Franklin St.   Ph: (919)-933-9585
Hours: 10-10, 7 days

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