Resources for Writers:

  • Poets & Writers
    Poets & Writers (P&W) believes in literature's fundamental contribution to contemporary culture. For the past 29 years, P&W has focused on the source of literature, providing support and exposure to writers at all stages in their development. P&W assists authors in their search for career-related information, outlets for their work, opportunities for professional advancement and community with other writers.

  • A Literary Bent
    A new magazine featuring literary works of poetry, short stories, and essays is calling for submissions from any interested author for publication in it's first and upcoming issues….

  • The AfterNoon
    An online magazine, The AfterNoon is an "attempt to face up to this reality -- to record what we are now as accurately as possible. The hope is that by doing so, we will have some small influence on what comes after us."

  • George Jr.
    This magazine is devoted to the craft of writing. Avid readers and writers will find this site enjoyable and educational.

  • Literary Supplement to the Village Voice
    The Village Voice Literary Supplement...enough said.

  • 256 Shades of Grey
    256 Shades of Grey is a Wisconsin based online magazine dedicated to cutting edge fiction, poetry and essays. While 256 Shades of Grey has discontinued publishing, this web site serves as a reference to the material that was published by the magazine in the past.

  • Kashanti Literary Review
    Out of Carborro, Kashanti Literary review features new and established writers and artists of poetry, fiction, essays, and photography.

  • Cyber Oasis
    An online magazine full of tips for writers as well as avant-garde and esoteric literature.

  • Poetry Cafe
    Poetry Café is a collection of contemporary poetry. It includes resources for poets as well as mutimedia choices.

  • Literary Television
    LTV stands for Literary Television. It also stands for the innovative and compelling work of poetry filmmakers and videographers….

  • National Poetry Association
    "Our goal is to explore the world of your literary imagination. Each season we travel to a new destination to try and make meaning of the people and places in our world…."

  • Quotations
    Can’t think of just the right way to say something? Say it with a quote. This site lists quotes from many of the renowned writers of and poets of the last several centuries.

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