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Guides, Handbooks & Bibliographies

This section affords the reader access to various elements significant to the study of film. These guides and handbooks are included with the intent of giving the reader an overview of both film theory and genre studies as well providing them with extensive bibliographies helpful to continuing their research.

DeNiro! The Oxford Guide to Film Studies / edited by John Hill and Pamela Church Gibson. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.
Davis Reference -- CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .O93 1998
     An exhaustive source. Intends to provide the reader with a critical overview of the various ways in which film has been understood.  Seemingly tailormade for any film course. Deals with genre, gender issues, semiotics, surrealism, culture and history. Includes an introduction to film studies. Very thorough profiles of the contributors and editors with helpful bibliographies for each essay. Extrememly useful index included.(the best source so far, could actually be used as a text book...)

Film Genre Reader II / edited by Barry Keith Grant. Austin : University of Texas Press, 1995.
Davis: PN1995 .F45792 1995
     An essential handbook for genre studies, this source claims to "provide both the general reader & student of film with a comprehensive view of film genre." Includes 24+ essays written by various editors, professors & writers in the field (giving notes on contributors/academic & professional backgrounds). The essays are separated into two sections; theory & selected genre criticism. Includes an extensive bibliography and allows for over 15 genre specific sections.

Armour, Robert A. Film, a Reference Guide.  Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, c1980.
Davis -- CALL NUMBER: PN1993.45 .A75
     Written by an English/Film Studies professor at UVA, this is a self-acknowledged reference guide for "the person beginning the serious study of film or for the viewer wanting to pursue in depth what has been a casual interest." Aims to provide a deeper understanding of film history, filmmakers, and the nature of film criticism. Also provides detailed bibliographies at the end of each section. Although it is a little outdated, this source is meticulous and will provide a good starting ground.  

Corrigan, Timothy.A Short Guide to Writing About Film. Glenview, Ill. : Scott, Foresman, c1989.
Davis -- CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .C66 1989
     As suggested by the title, this is a guide to writing about film. Very thorough, including how to "watch"and research a film with regards to writing about it. Good sections on audience and criticism, and the actual approach (genres, history, ideology) with sample essays and sections on structure and style. Extremely useful and straightforward.

Contemporary Film Theory / edited and introduced by Antony Easthope. London ; New York : Longman, 1993.
Davis -- CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .C634 1993
     Good source for students already versed in principles of theory/film theory. Introduction provides a helpful refresher in semiotics and politics in relation to ideology, subjectivity and gender in film.  Provides a brief overview of Lacan's mirror image and Freud's theories of fetishism. Excellent essays.

Rehrauer, George. The Macmillan Film Bibliography. New York : Macmillan, c1982.
Davis Reference: Z5784.M9 R423 1982
Volume 1
     An excellent resource for books about film. Describes itself as a multi-purpose source, "whose major goals are the identification, location, and critical appreciation of books about film." Entries are arranged alphabetically by title and are numbered consecutively. Gives good directions on how to use the book & explains the annotations (which they say are included to indicate to the reader the content & quality of the book listed). Somewhat opinionated, very detailed descriptions for selected entries.
Volume 2
     To be used in conjunction with volume one, this source contains Subject, Author and Script indices. Each index is arranged alphabetically with sporadic cross-referencing and is very easy to use. The subject index contains a selected guide to films, books (a few periodicals), filmmakers, stars & some general topics. The author index covers authors whose works are presented in volume one (does not account for variation of spelling or pseudonyms). The script index includes film director and entire production crew and author.

Ross, Harris. Film as Literature, Literature as Film : an Introduction to and Bibliography of Film's Relationship to Literature.  New York : Greenwood Press, 1987.
Davis Reference: Z5784.M9
     Harris recognizes that an essential theme in film study is the comparison of film to drama, prose, fiction and poetry and provides a source listing 2500 articles and books published from 1908 to 1985 (although foreign language books and articles are not included). Detailed author and subject indexes make this bibliography easy to use. Very scholarly, the chapter titles alone would inspire numerous paper topics.

Welch, Jeffrey Egan, Literature and Film : an Annotated Bibliography, 1978-1988. New York : Garland Pub., 1993.
Davis Reference: Z5784.M9 W375 1993
     A significant source for exploring the relationship between film & literature, Welch lists and annotates important books & articles published in North America & Great Britain concerned with the relationship between film and works of literature. Gives three categories: process of adapting a work to the screen, general discussion of the similarities and differences between film and literary genre/studies of other arts on film and interviews with key film players as to the relationship of literature to film, and references to the teaching of the subject of literature and film. Listed chronologically by year and alphabetically by author's name within each year.

Austin, Bruce A. The Film Audience : an International Bibliography of Research with annotations and an essay. Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1983.
Davis Reference: Z5784.M9 A87 1983
     Includes annotations and an essay as to the reason for such a bibliography. Strictly alphabetical by author and title, incorporates both a subject and a title index. A good source and starting block for writing on this aspect of film study.