Greg McAtee

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Economics

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill - Economics Department

Independent Courses

Labor Economics UNC-Chapel Hill Fall 2011, Spr. 2012, Fall 2012, Spr. 2013
Intermediate Microeconomics UNC-Chapel Hill Sum. 2010, Sum. 2011

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Intermediate Microeconomics UNC-Chapel Hill Spr. 2010, Spr. 2011
Introduction to Economics UNC-Chapel Hill Fall 2009, Fall 2010
Intermediate Macroeconomics UNC-Chapel Hill Fall 2008, Spr. 2009
Honors Introduction to Economics Tulane University Fall 2007

Participant -- Faculty Training

Effective Presentation Skills UNC-Chapel Hill Fall 2012
Teacher Training Program UNC-Chapel Hill Fall 2009, Spr. 2010