Dissertation, final copy (!)

posted 2/3/07
Download here (file is close to 10 megs)

This will eventually be available through UMI (for money) and through UNC Library (for free); in the meantime feel free to access it here for use in any way consistent with the copyright.

Award-winning research poster

Download here (file is close to 9 megs)
Designed to be printed on a plotter and mounted on a tri-fold foam display board. Won faculty poster award at the 2007 Research and Creativity Forum, Emporia State University.

The maps below are ones I put up a while back, but they are basically the same as some of the ones in the diss itself.

Analysis and study area maps for dissertation of G Rebecca Dobbs

All this stuff is of course copyrighted.

You can view the pictures here, or click on the "PDF set" link below to download them all as pdf files for easy printing.

I have not put the individual by-year maps on this page, but you can download the set as gif files, or watch the Powerpoint animation (links below). If you don't have Powerpoint, you can download a free viewer from Microsoft.

Download the PDF set here
Download the by-year GIF set here
Download the Powerpoint animation here [revised 4/12/07; problem with legend display on some systems fixed, and improved visibility of years]

Posted 10/7/06; last revised 4/24/07