Grave of Susan Gertrude Ward Hall

On my way across the country in June 2007, I stopped in Fort Smith (AR) to visit the cemetery where my grandparents on the Dobbs side are buried. I also wanted to see the grave of my grandmother's mother, who was reputedly also in the same cemetery.

This required me to get the help of a cemetary employee--and most helpful he was, laboriously looking the information up in a series of paper record systems. Then he took me to the place.

I was both shocked and not surprised to find she had no gravestone--indigent and indigenous (what percentage, we have never known), killed by a train when her horse shied, married to a ne'er-do-well...who would have paid for a stone, in 1915?

We her descendants in 2007, however, are another matter. I propose we all chip in some small amount and rectify this situation. I feel very strongly that "this is not right." A hard life and a hard death, but she mattered.

My aunt Mary Dobbs has recently sent me a CD with some pictures and documents relating to Hall. I hope soon to be able to post some of same on this page.

In the photo below, her grave is in the center of the picture. The tallish headstone to her right, according to the sketch the cemetary guy drew for me (which I'll scan eventually) is one David Hammett; then on her left there is an empty space, then the footstone to the left of that is one Mary Evans. (Incidentally, she is listed as Gertrude Hall in their records.)

Below is a shot from an angle; Hammett is in the middle ground and Evans to the fore.

Here is a shot giving some context of this location within the cemetary. This is considerably downhill from the Byron and Gladys location.

Byron and Gladys's stone looked to be in fine shape, well shaded by the nearby tree which has grown. When I was there, there had by all the evidence of the river and the rivulets in the cemetary's roads, just been one heck of a gullywasher, and so mud had splashed onto the stone, but I saw no reason to think it would normally look this dirty.

posted 8/5/07