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The CEP strives to build a stronger intellectual community through programs that stimulate discussion of environmental issues on campus and in the larger society. Its program offerings include an every-semester Environmental Seminar Series and an Environmental Colloquium Series overseen by a subcommittee of its Faculty Advisory Committee.

The CEP field-site network and its constituent sites also offer Field Site Events, both on the University campus and at a number of the sites. The CEP-affiliated Center for Sustainable Enterprise’s Center for Sustainable Enterprise Speaker Series offers an exciting slate of events focusing upon sustainable enterprise and the new triple bottom line. Also focusing upon sustainability is the Sustainability Coalition Event Series. Upcoming Carolina Environmental Events provides a concise summary of CEP events offering an opportunity to learn about the environment we all share.

All UNC-Chapel Hill events, including environmental events, may be viewed on the Carolina Calendar. The CEP will send a notice about any environmental event to the CEP listserv and place it on the Centers, Programs and Institutes section of the University Calendar upon request. To request this service, please email event info to

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