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Environmental Faculty at Carolina

This list is arranged alphabetically. Scroll down to review the entire roster or click on the appropriate letter to quickly locate information on a specific faculty member.



Mike Aitken, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: environmental biotechnology; environmental engineering

Daniel Albert, Marine Sciences: aquatic and sedimentary biogeochemistry

Marc Alperin, Marine Sciences: chemical oceanography

Peter Andrews, Carolina Environmental Program, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Public Policy: environmental policy

Carol Arnosti, Marine Sciences: marine organic chemistry; microbial degradation of organic matter


Louise Ball, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: metabolism and genotoxicity of xenobiotics

Larry Band, Geography: hydrology; ecosystems; geomorphology; GIS; remote sensing

John Bane, Marine Sciences: physical oceanography; coastal meteorology; air-sea interactions

Walter Barnhardt, Geological Sciences: coastal and marine geology

Rich Beckman, Journalism and Mass Communication: environmental photojournalism and video journalism

Larry Benninger, Geological Sciences: geochemistry; biogeochemistry

Philip Berke, City and Regional Planning: land-use planning; sustainable development; urban form; natural hazard mitigation

Michael Berry, The Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise: business and environment; environmental management systems; built environments

Dick Bilsborrow, Biostatistics: population-development-environment linkages in developing countries; migration and deforestation

Steve Birdsall, Geography: environmental perception; cultural geography

Patricia Bowers, School of Education: environmental education

Tim Bralower, Geological Sciences: geological reconstruction of climate change

David Brower, City and Regional Planning: coastal zone management; land-use law; mitigating impacts of natural hazards

John Bruno, Marine Sciences: marine ecology; conservation biology

Raymond Burby, City and Regional Planning: environmental regulation and policy; natural hazards and hazard mitigation, environmental justice; enforcement and compliance systems


Joe Carter, Geological Sciences: paleoecology; marine ecology

Greg Characklis, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: water resources engineering; resource management

George Christakos, Environmental Sciences and Engineering:

Drew Coleman, Geological Sciences: isotope geochemistry applied to contaminant monitoring

Robert Cox, Communication Studies: environmental communication and the public sphere

Doug Crawford-Brown, Carolina Environmental Program, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: environmental risk analysis; mathematical modeling of human health; philosophical analysis of evidence in decisions

Carole Crumley, Anthropology: historical ecology; paleoclimatology; landscape ecology; archeology


Pat Davison, Journalism and Mass Communication: documentary photojournalism; environmental issues and photojournalism

Joe DeSimone, Chemistry: pollution prevention processes based on liquid and supercritical CO2

Francis DiGiano, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: water and wastewater treatment processes


Arturo Escobar, Anthropology: political ecology; biodiversity conservation; environmental social movements


Geraldo Ferrer, Kenan-Flagler Business School: sustainable operations; remanufacturing and recycling; waste reduction and reverse logistics

John Florin, Geography: historical geography of human/environment interactions


Dee Gamble, School of Social Work: sustainable community development, particularly the use of participatory groups

Greg Gangi, Carolina Environmental Program: tropical ecology; human ecology

Wil Gesler, Geography: cultural geography; environmental perception

Bill Glaze, Carolina Environmental Program, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: environmental chemistry; sustainable development

Allen Glazner, Geological Sciences: volcanism; long-term geochemical cycling

David Godschalk, City and Regional Planning: land-use planning; smart growth; dispute resolution

Avram Gold, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: chemical synthesis; spectroscopic methods

David Greenland, Geography: climatology; climate and vegetation; climate change


Stu Hart, Kenan-Flagler Business School: sustainable enterprise

Arthur Hawley, Geography: water resource use and agricultural practices

Dorothy Holland, Anthropology: environmental identities and action; environmental movements and activism

Don Hornstein, School of Law: risk analysis; transboundary and regional cooperation; economic incentives; institutional design; international rivers; complexity

Jonathan Howes, University Relations, City and Regional Planning: environmental politics and policy


Harvey Jeffries, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: atmospheric chemistry; air quality modeling and assessment

Norris Johnson, Anthropology: religion and nature; environmental art and aesthetics

Gail Jones, School of Education: environmental education for pre-college students


Joseph Kalo, School of Law: coastal environmental law; fisheries management; wetlands protection and regulation; international environmental law

Richard Kamens, Carolina Environmental Program, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: atmospheric chemistry

Asad Khattak, City and Regional Planning: transportation planning; modeling; sustainable mobility

Joel Kingsolver, Biology: population biology; evolutionary biology; ecological and evolutionary consequences of global climate change

Hillel Koren, Carolina Environmental Program, Pediatrics/Medicine: human health effects, interconnections between human and ecosystem health

Lawrence Kupper, Biostatistics: environmental biostatistics


Jonathan Lees, Geological Sciences: geophysics and volcanology

Paul Leslie, Anthropology: human ecology; population biology

Thomas Linden, School of Journalism and Mass Communication: environmental television journalism

Dana Loomis, Epidemiology: environmental epidemiology and exposure assessment

Rick Luettich, Marine Sciences: circulation and transport in coastal waters

Mike Luger, Public Policy: environmental valuation; environmental economics; environmental finance

Fran Lynn, Carolina Environmental Program, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: citizen participation; use of scientific and technical information in policy; role of values in scientific research


Douglas MacLean, Philosophy: environmental ethics; environmental risk management

Chris Martens, Marine Sciences: geological oceanography; carbonates; sea level; reefs

Barbara Matilsky, Ackland Art Museum: environmental and ecological art

Tim McKeown, Political Science: international environmental politics

David McNelis, Carolina Environmental Program: atmospheric and nuclear physics

Melinda Meade, Geography: cultural ecology of disease and population

Casey Miller, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: multiphase systems; environmental modeling

Aaron Moody, Geography: remote sensing and biogeography

David Moreau, City and Regional Planning: environmental policy; planning and modeling


Rachel Noble, Carolina Environmental Program, Marine Sciences: environmental microbiology; marine microbial ecology


David Owens, School of Government: land-use law and planning; coastal management


Hans Paerl, Marine Sciences: microbial ecology; estuarine and coastal ecology; water quality dynamics

James Peacock, Anthropology: international ecology

Robert Peet, Biology: plant ecology; biogeography; conservation biology

Charles Peterson, Marine Sciences: marine conservation biology and ecology

Fred Pfaender, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: environmental microbiology

David Pfennig, Biology: ecology and evolutionary biology

John Pickles, Geography: environmental issues in Central and Eastern Europe; science, nature and society; theories of nature; mapping and nature; technologies of representation


Shanti Rabindran, Public Policy: GIS; econometrics; trade and environment; development and environment; health and environment

Stephen Rappaport, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: exposure assessment; biomarkers of exposure; toxicokinetic modeling

Seth Reice, Biology: aquatic ecology; disturbance ecology; conservation and sustainable development

Parker Reist, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: aerosol technology; air pollution monitoring and control

Joseph Rial, Geological Sciences: theoretical geophysics; mathematical modeling of natural processes

Peter Robinson, Geography: climate impacts and applications

Daniel Rodriguez, City and Regional Planning: behavior modeling applied to transportation; land use and transportation policy

Dennis Rondinelli, Kenan-Flagler Business School: corporate environmental management; ISO 14000; environmental management systems


David Savitz, Epidemiology: environmental epidemiology

Alberto Scotti, Marine Sciences: environmental fluid dynamics

Mark Serre, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: spatiotemporal modeling and stocastics

Tom Shay, Carolina Environmental Program, Marine Sciences: small and mesoscale ocean dynamics; atmospheric boundary layer processes

Bland Simpson, English: nature writing

Richard Smith, Statistics: environmental statistics

Conghe Song, Geography: remote sensing of vegetation; ecological modeling

Alan Stiven, Biology, Ecology: population biology; community ecology

William Stott, Carolina Environmental Program: American nature writing; literature

Michael Symons, Biostatistics: modeling and data analysis support


Andreas Teske, Carolina Environmental Program, Marine Sciences (joining Carolina July 2002)

Meenu Tewari, City and Regional Planning: economic development, including firm- and sector-level responses to environmental and labor standards

Lori Todd, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: exposure assessment; air sampling; occupational and environmental health


William Veal, School of Education: geological science education; on-line course development and implementation for students and teachers in the K-16 sector


Stephen Walsh, Geography: land use and land cover dynamics; spatial modeling and analysis

Mort Webster, Public Policy: decision analysis; uncertainty; climate change

Howard Weinberg, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: environmental analytical chemistry; drinking water treatment

John Wells, Marine Sciences: coastal marine ecology

Robert Wetzel, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: aquatic ecology; botanical and chemical limnology

Richard Whisnant, School of Government: environmental law and policymaking

Peter White, Biology, Ecology: plant ecology; conservation biology; biodiversity

Thomas Whitmore, Geography: historical agro-ecology of Middle America

Dale Whittington, Environmental Sciences and Engineering: environmental economics

Steven Wing, Epidemiology: environmental and occupational epidemiology

Robert Wyatt, Biology, Carolina Environmental Program, Highlands Biological Station: ecology and evolution of plant reproduction

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