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BA in Environmental Studies

The BA in Environmental Studies is appropriate for students wanting rigorous preparation in the methods of the social sciences and humanities needed to understand how society affects the environment, how it organizes itself to respond to environmental problems and how understanding of the environment is created and transmitted through culture. All students gain a sufficient base of scientific and mathematical expertise to allow them to work effectively with environmental scientists and engineers. The degree focuses on the social, political, economic and cultural forces that guide society’s role in both causing and solving environmental problems, and on the role of society in perturbing environmental systems. All students take core courses in the relevant sciences, social sciences and humanities. In addition, students, in consultation with an advisor, select a Concentration Area for specialized study of the environment and society. Each will, if desired, result in a minor in one of several disciplines. The degree provides strong preparation for graduate and professional training, as well as for jobs in environmental policy, journalism, education, etc.

The following courses are required:

First and Second Years

General College Perspectives (2 Aesthetics, 2 Social Sciences, 2 Historical, 1 Philosophical; one of the Social Science Perspectives must be ECON 10)

Language (through Level III)
ENGL 11 and 12
BIOL 11/11L
CHEM 11/11L and 21/21L; or PHYS 24/24L and 25/25L
STAT 31 or ECON 70
ENST 35 Introduction to Environment and Society
ENST 36 Introduction to Environmental Science

Third and Fourth Years

ENST 86 Data Analysis and Visualization of Social and Environmental Interactions
ENST 94 Capstone: Analysis and Solution of Environmental Problems
ENST 107 Energy and Material Flows in the Environment and Society

Upper-Level Perspectives (4 courses; one must be a Natural and Mathematical Sciences Perspective chosen from BIOL 54 (if not used in the major), ENST 54, ENST 41, ENST 45 or ENST 53; one must be a philosophical perspective chosen from AFAM 128, PHIL 34, PHIL 70, PHIL 72, PHIL 145, PLCY 67, POLI 47H or RELI 37).

Five courses in an approved Concentration Area (see ENST advisor for options).

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