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Minor in Environmental Science and Studies

The Minor is designed for students wishing to remain in another discipline, but who have an interest in the environmental field as an area of application. It provides a basic grounding in the principles and methods of environmental science and/or studies. Students may, if they wish, focus on the science aspects or the studies aspects. Students in the Minor in Environmental Science and Studies must take two core courses designed to give them a grounding in the scientific and societal dimensions of environmental issues and problems, and the tools for their solution:

ENST 35 Introduction to Environment and Society
ENST 36 Introduction to Environmental Sciences

In addition, students must take three courses (at least one at the 100 level) from the following list:

ENST 41 Physical Geology for Science Majors
ENST 45 Earth's Dynamic Systems
ENST 53 Introduction to Atmospheric Processes
ENST 54 Estuarine and Coastal Marine Sciences
ENST 68 Environmental Ethics
ENST 78 Risk-Based International Environmental Decisions
ENST 83 International Environmental Politics
ENST 84 Biodiversity of the Southern Appalachian Mountains
ENST 86 Data Analysis and Visualization of Social and Environmental Interactions
ENST 87 Environmental History
ENST 88 Environmental Values and Valuation
ENST 100 Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Studies
ENST 101 Earth Processes in Environmental Systems
ENST 102 Oceanic Processes in Environmental Systems
ENST 103 Ecological Processes in Environmental Systems
ENST 104 Atmospheric Processes in Environmental Systems
ENST 105 Biogeochemical Processes
ENST 106 Environmental Systems Modeling
ENST 107 Energy and Material Flows in the Environment and Society
ENVR 175 Environmental Risk Assessment
ENST 175 Environmental Communication

Students should see an ENST advisor for a larger listing of potential courses. Depending on the courses selected, the minor would require between 17 and 20 hours.

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