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Opportunities for Environmental Undergraduates

Field Sites

The Carolina Environmental Program maintains a network of field sites, administered in partnership with the Study Abroad Office of the College of Arts and Sciences, integrating education, research and outreach. The network has locations in Bangkok, Thailand; Highlands, North Carolina; Manteo, North Carolina; and Salzburg, Austria. A site is planned for Morehead City, North Carolina. Undergraduates attending a field site normally take environmental classes plus a research Capstone that emphasizes multidisciplinary teamwork. They go on in-depth field trips and, at domestic sites, attend a seminar class offering presentations by noted experts.

To learn more about these field sites, click on a site:

Albemarle Ecological Field Site (Manteo, North Carolina)
Highlands Field Site (Highlands, North Carolina)
Salzburg Field Site (Salzburg, Austria)
Thailand Field Site (Bangkok, Thailand)

Research Participation

All students are encouraged (but not required) to complete an independent or team research project. Such projects introduce students to the tools needed for graduate study. They also provide an important place where students can work directly with the world-class environmental faculty and graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as in the many environmental organizations in the Research Triangle. This area contains one of the largest collections of environmental organizations and expertise in the world, providing unique opportunities for students to conduct research on an immense range of topics from fundamental scientific research to policy applications.

Honors Research

Students in either degree track may participate in a program of honors research leading to graduation with honors or highest honors. This distinction is earned by participation in honors research, with an associated honors research seminar, culminating in ENST 99. The CEP maintains a listing of faculty with projects in which undergraduate honors candidates may participate.

Study Abroad

UNC-Chapel Hill, the CEP and other organizations have developed a series of exchange and other study abroad programs in which BA and BS students may conduct environmental studies at other universities. These include an excellent environmental program at the University of East Anglia in England; the School for Field Studies; the University of Salzburg; etc. Credit from these programs may be applied directly to the BA and BS environmental degrees.


Students are encouraged to apply for internships in local, state, national and international environmental organizations. The CEP maintains an office from which information on internships may be obtained. These internships provide valuable practical experience, and some may be conducted for academic credit.

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