Liesbet Hooghe, Zachary Taylor Smith Professor at UNC Chapel Hill and Chair in Multilevel Governance at the VU Amsterdam
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International Authority

We code international authority for 74 international governmental organizations for 1950-2010. The data are annual.

The coding scheme was first developed in 2009 and refined in several rounds. Various versions have been circulating. Even though we are still generating the data we thought that it might be useful for others if we made our coding scheme public. Here is the latest (and definitive!) version of the coding scheme.

If you have consulted this scheme or a prior version, we would be grateful if you could cite:

Liesbet Hooghe, Gary Marks, Tobias Lenz, Jeanine Bezuijen, Besir Ceka, Svet Derderyan (forthcoming). Scale and Community: The Purpose and Design of International Organizations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Plus one of the following depending on which part of the coding material you draw from:

a) Regional organizations:
Gary Marks, Tobias Lenz, Besir Ceka, Brian Burgoon [2014]. Discovering Cooperation: A Contractual Approach to Institutional Change in Regional International Organizations, submitted

b) Dispute settlement:
Liesbet Hooghe, Jeanine Bezuijen, Svet Derderyan, Emanuel Coman [2014]. Designing Third Party Dispute Settlement for International Organizations, R&R.

c) Delegation and Pooling: Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks [2014]. Delegation and Pooling in International Organizations, Review of International Organizations [forthcoming]. Online appendix; replication data and do file.

We will update the citations for these papers as new information becomes available. Replication data will be available online as soon as the paper is accepted for publication. The full dataset will be released once the final book ms. is in press.





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