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Current interests

  • I'm one of the organizers of NCTech4Good -- Where tech meets social change. We have monthly meetings and an annual conference focused on learning and helping others learn how technology can advance the mission of nonprofit organizations.

  • I developed a website recording UNC-Chapel Hill Computing History at www.ibiblio.org/comphist/. Most of the materials were in my office and are now in the University archives.

Work experience

I learned programming working for the summer of 1960 at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Whippany, NJ, on a vacuum-tube computer, an IBM 704. (I wrote a set of subroutines, in assembler language, Matrix Operations Modulo P -- MOPMOP). After five years as a programmer with Western Electric Corporation, Burlington, NC, I came to UNC-CH where I remained until retirement (1967-1999). When I started working for Western Electric, the computer I used was the same IBM 704 — it had been shipped to Bell Labs in Winston Salem — my punched cards rode in a truck back and forth to Winston Salem.

Work experience at UNC

I provided computer support services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1967-1999. My work, over those years, included supervision of the Help Desk, training, documentation, and program development. When I retired (March 1, 1999), I was Campus Webmaster and a Tier 2 Analyst in the IT Response Center (Help Desk). I started developing the Info service at UNC-CH in 1987 and was an active participant in the CWIS-L list (cwis-l@msu.edu). The paper "Coordinating a University Web Presence" gives an overview of the evolution of the UNC-CH service.


I've worked toward a community information service, Public Information Network, Inc., better known as RTPnet and previously known as Triangle Free-Net, for the local area since 1989.

My service includes:

  • An electronic archive of RTPnet activities at www.ibiblio.org/rtpnet/. The paper archives are available through the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Volunteer and Advisors Council: March 2007 -
  • Board of Directors Member: August 1990 - March 2007
  • Executive Director: August 1994 - March 2007
  • President: May 2004 - March 2006
  • Vice President: August 1994 - May 2004
  • Secretary: August 1990 - August 1994


  • Graduate: UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1959-1961. Degree: MA in mathematics, August 1965. I took one of the first computer courses taught by John W. Carr, programming for the University's Univac 1105. One of my favorite photos of the Univac 1105 is the core memory, where you can actually see the bits!

  • College: UNC-Greensboro, North Carolina (Woman's College of the University of North Carolina), 1955-1957. UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1957-59. Degree: BA in mathematics, June 1959

  • High School: Suffern High School, Suffern, New York. Graduated June 1955.


I authored the chapter "A Regional Free-Net and Internet Access," published in The Internet Initiative: Libraries Providing Internet Services & How They Plan, Pay, and Manage, published by American Library Association, 1995 (ISBN 0-8389-0668-0).

In 1992, I wrote an article on the history, software options, maintenance issues, and future directions of Campus-Wide Information Sysytems for publication in Advances in Library Automation and Networking, published in Volume 5, 1994. The article was also distributed electronically through the CWIS-L list.

I authored a chapter on CWISs for the book The Internet Unleashed, published by Sams.net; Second Edition (ISBN 0-672-30714-6), 1995.

In December 1992, I was a keynote speaker at the AARNet conference in Brisbane, Australia, where I spoke about maintenance issues of CWISs while demonstrating the UNC-CH system in Chapel Hill — Video Part A and Video Part B, about 30 minutes each — demonstration using precursors of gopher and World Wide Web, formatting and maintenance issues, World Wide Web, Free-Nets, Youngstown Free-Net at end. I visited seven university campuses while in Australia, discussing CWIS issues with people bringing up services on their campuses.

Professional activities

  • University Management Development Program and Association: Completed the University Management Development Program in May, 1982, and have been a member of the University Manager's Association since then.

  • Society for Technical Communication: Member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) for many years, serving as chair of the local chapter for two years, 1979-1981.


I like to cook and garden, and I used to knit (before the Web). Some of my favorite recipes are available online.

Home and yard

Spring pictures 2012.
Spring pictures 2008.
Pictures of our home and some spring pictures (2003-4) of the yard.

Fall Color Trip, 2017

Fall Color Trip, September 22-30, 2017

Columbia and Snake Rivers Trip, 2017

Columbia and Snake Rivers Trip, September 8-16, 2017

Trip to Alaska, 2016

Trip to Alaska, July 11 - 24, 2016

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Maine, 2015

Trip to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Maine, July-August 2015

America's National Parks

We visited America's National Parks, July-August 2009

Scottish Hebrides

We took a wonderful trip Island Hopping in the Scottish Hebrides, June 2004


  • Received the 2011 NTEN LIfetime Achievement Award March 2011 at the NTEN conference. There's more information and a link to a video shown at the conference in the NTEN blog.

  • Received an award for 20 years service to RTPnet at the 2010 NCTech4Good conference — created by my friend Rebecca Currie from Scrap Exchange materials, including bits and pieces from computers. Photos by Birgit Pauli-Haack.

  • Received an award — In recognition of a decade of contributions to the NTEN community — at the 2010 NTEN conference.

  • Received an award — For Years Of Dedicated Service To RTPnet and Community Technology In North Carolina — at the 6th Annual RTPnet Conference, May 20, 2005.

  • Received the Suffern Junior Woman's Club Scholarship, 1955.

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