Pictures of the Hallman's Yard Spring 2012

Pictures of the Hallman's Yard Spring 2012

We had a very mild winter. Daffodils started very early but we didn't have as many as usual — hardly any doubles and very few of the late blooming white ones. And they were VERY slow dying back, perhaps because we had more rain than usual. The late blooming varieties, which usually die back by mid May, were still green in mid June. We hardly had any peonies and those that did bloom didn't last long. Of the seven plants in the front yard, two had two rather puny flowers, and the bed we planted in the fall of tree peonies and some new regular peonies only had a few that bloomed.

"Spring" started in late November with Narcissus that came from Shannon's family home in Monroe, NC. Shannon said the Chinese laudry man gave them to his customers. I saw them bloom in Monroe but they have rarely bloomed here.

The first daffodils were in bloom for New Year's Eve — they usually start in February.

Lots of daffodils and Crocus Tommasinianus were in bloom by early February.

The plum trees have a wonderful smell. The big one fell over in the ice storm of 2001 but its roots are still in the ground. So it's lying down with braches growing up. They bloom with the redbuds and loropetulum.

I planted these irises next to the chimney and late white daffodils long ago, maybe early 70s.

My old flower garden, which succumbed to the deer, now has irises moved from the patch next to the chimney with one especially pretty newcomer and some late white daffodils and pink oxalys.

Our neighbors planted a Japanese Dogwood for Shannon in February. It's a beautiful tree, but hard to photograph — the blossoms look like sunlight reflection.

These are the peonies that bloomed in the new planting (where we used to have a vegetable garden, before the deer).

The butterfly weed in the front yard is especially pretty.

Multiflora rose is growing up trees at the edge of the woods in two places. This is the prettier one.

I've tried to get pictures of my frogs (I've counted as many as 8 at one time), but they jump in the water when I creep too close.

The deer haven't bothered my flower garden yet — they don't like the marigolds around the edge and I've planted things they usually don't eat.

Four tomato plants next to the pump house with a wide fence to keep out the deer.

The Yellow Flag iris didn't do very well this year.

I don't know what this plant is. Have been meaning to look it up. Let me know if you can identify it. It's about four feet tall, very thin, and has white flowers with a red centers.

Last modified: June 17, 2012