The trip from Iona to Jura was a four-ferry day – Iona to Mull to Oban to Islay to Jura. The ferry from Mull to Oban was broken. It was eventually replaced by another ferry, but we were not in time to get the last ferry to Jura. The ferrymen waited for us and made a special trip.

Jura has over 5,000 deer and about 200 people. The island is roughly 29 miles long and 7 miles wide. George Orwell wrote 1984 while on the north end of the island, at Barnhill.

We stayed at the Jura Hotel (in the town of Craighouse),

right next to the Isle of Jura Distillery!

There's a small pier in front of the hotel.

A couple of local guys took a swim, I think for our benefit.
It was much too cold for swimming.

Shannon made friends with the local cat.

I have more pictures taken around the Jura Hotel.

We visited Jura House Gardens.


I have more pictures of Jura House Gardens and also of a
little walk down to the beach and then back up again.

We took a boat trip to the north end of Jura.
We didn't make it all the way to the Whirlpool of Corryvrechan,
but we did stop to see some very pregnant seals
(our guide said they were due in two weeks).

I took some photos of houses along the way, including Barnhill, I think.
There are a few more seal pictures on the bottom of the same page.

From the boat, we saw big fields of wild foxglove. I wish I'd taken
pictures of them, but here is a small patch on the edge of the road.

We took a day trip to Islay and visited Bowmore and its distillery.

Then we went to The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Loch Gruinart Reserve, also on Islay.
There was a wonderful hide for viewing the birds.



As we left Jura, I saw a pheasant! But I wasn't fast enough to get a picture.

Below is Port Askaig, the ferry landing to Jura.
They're widening the road – cutting into a hill of rock – what a job!!!
It makes widening 15-501 and I-40 look easy.

It took a little work, each time we took the ferry,
to keep the rear bumper of our little bus from scraping.

more photos of Jura and Islay.

For more information about Jura, see http://www.scotland-inverness.co.uk/jura.htm.


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