Tiree, a treeless island about ten miles long and three miles wide,
is one of the sunniest places in Britain and one of the most windy.
We stayed at Tiree Lodge Hotel.


There is a church and cemetery behind the hotel where,
following an old tradition, we toasted Ken's birthday.

We took a long walk across the island and back ... about 6 miles. Hadn't gotten far from the hotel before people stopped to check out the flowers – lots of buttercups, daisies, cinquefoil, butter-and-eggs, and orchids.





We had lunch near the ringing stone.

If you tap the stone, you can hear it ring.

There are unusual cup markings on the stone.



In the afternoon, we hiked up to a broch.

The next day, we visited An Iodhlann (Tiree's historical center) and the Hynish Centre and walked in Happy Valley, escorted by a young man from The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds who is an expert on corncrakes. (There were several people on this trip who heard, and perhaps saw, corncrakes.)


We disturbed some nesting arctic terns, in Happy Valley,

and puzzled some sheep.

Before leaving Tiree, we visited the "2003 Scottish Building of the Year."


More photos of Tiree.

Tiree has a Web site, www.isleoftiree.com.


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