Pictures of the Hallman's Yard Spring 2008

Pictures of the Hallman's Yard Spring 2008

Early March

Front yard
Southwest side West side: Star magnolia on the left

Star magnolia Crocuses near the front of the house. The deer eat them.

The earliest bloomers
This old fashioned variety was here when we got hereLong cup

There are many varieties

The yellow is an early piece of kerriaA few pieces of sweet breath of spring with old-fashioned doubles

We see this clump from the kitchen window One lone pale yellow

Deer ate the blossoms of the young tulip tree last year, netting protects them Camelia, across the driveway from the tulip tree

Old fashioned hyacinth Periwinkle

Mid March

The plum trees are in bloom and smell wonderful
This one fell over in the ice storm of 2001
These are next to the garage
Front yard

Late March

Plum tree far left has finished Southwest side

 Front yard

Pinks next to the pump house

 Loripetulum is hard to photograph

First week of April

Red azalea near the little house
Grape hyacinth: We used to have lots of them. I think the deer eat them.Scilla
Pinks in the front yard, next to the driveway

Second week of April

 Yellow cheerfulness with a perriwinkle
Yellow cheerfulness next to flowering almondFlowering almond
Tree peonies in the driveway circle -- small plants with big flowers
Pale blue star flowerAjuga
Lilacs with loripetulum

Third week of April

The last daffodils are blooming — small, white with yellow centers, the blue are Spanish bluebells
 Star of Bethlehem is getting started
Bridal wreath in front of the house, dogwood on the right
Dove's-foot geranium carpets the yardShannon found one white one
Wild azalea with kerria
More tree peonies — the peonies in the front yard haven't opened yet
 The camelia still looks good, with dogwood
The viburnum has started blooming, with the lilacs and loripetulum

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