Pictures of the Hallman's Yard

Plum tree in the background.

Looking from the house toward Lystra Road (March)

Star magnolia (and cedar) on the west side of the house

Plum tree brought down by ice storm, blooms beautifully.
The birds love it!

We see these (wild azalea and kerria) through the windows/door on the Lystra Rd. side of the kitchen. (April)

Part of the kerria and a bridalwreath.

You can see part of the kerria behind the bridal wreath.

Dogwood and what remains from the ice storm of an old redbud.

Young redbuds are coming along, but one young one (front right) split in the ice storm. There should be new shoots from it before long.

The lilacs suffered from a long summer draught.
There weren't a lot of flowers, but they still perfumed the yard.

The last daffodils are white with yellow centers. The grass has grown so much they are kind of hidden. (May)

Last modified: 2006 Jan 30