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About me

I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. My father was something of a celebrity being a musician on the Czech pop music scene. My mother was a kindergarten teacher and was my big hero.

I was interested in mathematics from my early years.I fulfilled this desire by Mgr (MS equivalent) in Mathematics from Charles University in Prague and Ph.D. in Statistics from the Michigan State University. I then went on to become an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Colorado State University and an Associate Professor of Statistics and Operation Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I love my job and the opportunity it gives me to pursue my passion of research and learning new things. Statistics is truly the most fun discipline in the world because it allows you to get a taste of many different areas of science and engineering.

In addition to my professional interests I have an active interest in music. I have been playing cello since I was 6 years old. Most of my training was done at the Prague Music School (formerly known as The Peoples Music School in Voršilská street). During my studies of statistics at Michigan State University I have also played in the univeristy symphony orchestra. Lately I have been playing mainly rock/jazz cello in church setting. If you want to hear me these days, you can come to the Greenleaf Vineyard church in Chapel Hill.

As I have eluded earlier, Jesus Christ is very important in my life. He helps me to get through the good and the bad times in my life. I feel really thankful to him for my life. I have started following Christ during my junior year in high school. Currently, I am part of the Vineyard movement in the USA and love it.

My high school teachers would be shocked that I also developed a great love for sports. In particular I love skiing and mountain biking. While finding time and place to ski has been difficult ever since I moved to North Carolina, I have become a much more avid mountain biker. I own a full suspension Giant Trance 2 and try to ride it at least once or twice a week.

On November 6, 2010, I have been married to Dr. Shevaun Neupert. Shevaun is an awesome redheaded girl whom I really love. She is a professor at North Carolina State University. It is quite crazy how similar we are. We love to travel the world together and share our nerdiness.

I am sad to say that I lost my dog Shtutzy. She was a large brown creature of unknown heritage. She liked eating and this space is too small to list all her "accomplishments". To name just one, she opened the fridge and ate all the food several times during her life. If there is a heaven for dogs, I am sure she is in a section that contains an infinite supply of well stocked refrigerators with progressively more complicated doors to give her something to work on.

On January 29, 2013 Shevaun gave birth to our firstborn girl Klára. Being father is one of the most transformative experiences of my life. She is absolutely wanderful.

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