Pearls from a Swine: La Femme Porkita's Book Reviews

Installment Number #1

Here's a sleeper from La Femme, written by Jeffrey Hudson before he became Michael Crichton. the book is titled A Case of Need and ranks right up there with the best of medical thrillers. All books reviewed are in paperback, so don't let a shortage of funds keep you from reading. Next is What Jane Austen Ate & Charles Dickens Knew -- none of which is relevant to YOUR lifestyle, so forget it.

In the book, Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon, read ONLY the first and last chapters and you will be very happy with this book. If you've ever wondered just how cigarettes became popular, read From Fields of Gold, not only an historical account but also interesting and actually grounded in Durham, N.C.

The next installment will review action books with heroes who combine the skills of Chuck Norris and mission impossible guys, something to heat up the cockles of your heart! til then, it's La Femme Porkita signing off....

pardon errors, but typing with hooves has its disadvantages.

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After a LONG delay (no, NOT "Tom") here are reviews of 2 recent books by Luanne Rice and Katy Munger

Our favorite porker reviews Esperanza's Box of Saints in Installment Number 5

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