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Daniel Peter-Daum Aldrich attended UNC-CH on a Morehead Fellowship and graduated in 1996 with a B.A. in Asian Studies (Phi Beta Kappa, Honors). He completed his M.A. in Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley in May, 1998. Daniel entered the Ph.D. program in Government at Harvard University in the Fall of 1999, after spending a year in Israel. In the Spring of 2001, he passed his oral examinations. Finally, in June, 2005, he received his PhD in Government from Harvard University. Yael received a double Masters in the graduate programs at the Florence Heller and Hornstein Schools at Brandeis University.

Daniel's first academic publication appeared in January 1997, "If You Build It, They Will Come: A Cautionary Tale about the The Tumen River Project," Journal of East Asian Affairs,Vol. 11, No. 1.

His next journal article on "Localities that can say no," about relations between local governments and the state in Japan, was published in the Asian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 7, No. 1, June, 1999, His working paper on (lack of) reform in the Japanese financial system, "The Big Bang and Tax Policy: Toward Globalizatin or Localization," was published by the Japanese Ministry of Finance in their Working Paper series in September, 2000. His forthcoming article with Rieko Kage, "Mars and Venus at Twilight: A Critical Investigation of Moralism, Age Effects, and Sex Differences," Political Psychology, 24, 1 (2003): 23-40, can be read by clicking here

He wrote an article about his experience working in Japan in the sumer of 1997 that was published as "Japan Through the Eyes of a Jew" in the Jewish Homemaker, December 1997. To read it online, click here, then click on The Jewish Homemaker, then Issue Archives, then Kislev 5758 (December 1997). Another article on his Japanese experiences is "An Orthodox Jew in the Land of the Rising Sun," Horizon, June, 2001, Number 29. Here is another popular press article of his: "Lessons from japanese jails," Horizon Number 32 (2002). The article describes his interesting experience while riding a bicycle in Tokyo...

He recently published an article entitled "A Pesach Vacation in Jordan" about his family's experiences while traveling in Petra, Jordan in the March 2003 edition of Horizons. Daniel recently published an article entitled "Japanese Adventures" in Horizons, Winter 2004 No. 39 pp. 82- 89.

Daniel also published "Siting Schemes: Central Governments, State Learning, and Local 'Public Bads," in Social Science Japan, Vol. 5, May 2003, pp. 42- 47 (research note). Here is the article in PDF format: Click here.

Take a look at what the Morehead Foundation said about him:Morehead Foundation Scholar Profile. Here he is, outside a building at the Ministry of Finance, in Japan, where he was a Visiting Scholar in the summer of 2000. Daniel at the World Summit in Beppu, October 2002.

For photos of Daniel & Yael's wedding, and of Gavriel Tzvi and Yaakov Lee, click here

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