Steven, Allison, and Jackson Aldrich

Steven Philip Aldrich attended UNC-CH on a Morehead Fellowship and graduated in 1991 with a B.A. in Physics (Phi Beta Kappa). After earning his MBA at Stanford in 1995, he married Allison Glosser and started his own firm, Interactive Insurance Services. The firm was sold to Intuit in 1996. It is now a division within Intuit. Take a look at what he has built: Interactive Insurance Services .

Here is the company he is currently CEO of:

The MSNBC network had nice things to say about Steven and his friends. They did a story about the founding of the firm, with Stanford given a lot of credit! But, fame is fleeting. After being on the Web for about 15 minutes, MSNBC took down its story....If you search the Web archives of the magazine, Fast Company, you can see what they had to say about his entreprenurial success:Fast Company - go to their archives for article on Insuremarket

Success Magazine did a story on him in their September, 1997 issue. Nice picture, too! Click here to see the New York Times feature article on Steven and his friend, Kent Kille, on Sunday, February 21, 1999.

Harvard Business School has done a case on Steven's company. You can read the case by clicking: Harvard case

Here are a few pictures of Allison and Steven, but I don't recommend you try to download them unless you have a direct connection to the Web. They are very slow to download!: Pictures - but don't try them from home, boys and girls!

Here's a photo of Allison, Steven, and their son, Jackson Gray at 5 days old: click here

More photos: One Two Three Four Who's this? Take a guess...

Allison received her MA in Art History from George Washington University in 1999.

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