Places to Enjoy Vegan Food

Going Out to Eat As A Vegan

A lot of times the hardest part of being a vegan is going out to eat, as there aren't as many vegan options and sometimes there are none at all. The best way to combat this is to know your area and identify restaurants that do have options for vegans when you decide to go out to eat with friends, significant others, families, etc. Lucky for people living in the Chapel Hill area, there are plenty of vegan friendly options to choose from! And the best part? Most are on or close to Franklin Street!

Franklin Street, Chapel Hill
Franklin Street has many options!

When going out to eat as a vegan it is important to talk to your server and ask questions! Many dishes can easily be made vegan by requesting no butter or no cheese. Almost every restaurant is happy to accommodate you, as they want to keep their customers happy and coming back for more. It can also be helpful to simply look up the restaurant's menu before hand, and that way your know your options before you even arrive. Thanks to the internet and the recent push to become more health conscious, many places now include an ingredients list for all menu items which can easily be found on their website. Most of the restaurants in Chapel Hill have vegan friendly options, however, there are a few notable restaurants that make it easy for vegans to really chow down! Be sure to check out....

Where should you try eating vegan tonight?

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