Data Links



             Data archive, working papers, forecasts, job markets.

expbul1a  CBOE: Chicago Board Options Exchange

expbul1a  Kenneth French’s data library: financial time series

expbul1a  Economagic: Time series data.

expbul1a  EconData.Net : portal to many macro/finance time series.

expbul1a  Business Statistics: business related data and links.

expbul1a  Oanda Currency: private service that provides free exchange rate data.

expbul1a  Yahoo! Finance: surprisingly, a substantial source of free daily stock market data.

expbul1a  Pacific Exchange Rate Service: free exchange rate data provided by the University of British Columbia.

expbul1a  US Census Bureau

expbul1a  Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

expbul1a  Federal Reserve of Saint Louis: FRED Data Bank

Extensive array of time series data; seasonally adjusted or unadjusted; real or nominal.

expbul1a   Economics data links by EconEdLink (data and education resources)

expbul1a  National Center for Health Statistics

Maintained by the Center for Disease Control, provides substantial data on

health related topics.

expbul1a  Internal Revenue Service

expbul1a  Current Population Survey [CPS]

Provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.A. Contains multiple panels

of a wide variety of labor/health statistics.

expbul1a  National Bureau of Economic Research [NBER]   General Data

                  The NBER is a prestigious private organization dedicated to providing

                  statistical information concerning the U.S. economy.

expbul1a  Bureau of Labor Statistics

         Maintained by the U.S. department of Labor, the BLS provides

         substantial data and research on a variety of labor topics.


Contains a plethora of easy-to-download data, including historical

and contemporary macroeconomic and financial data.

expbul1a  Quantitative Macroeconomic, Time series, National Indicators, Finance (CREFE-UQAM)

             Provided by the Université du Québec À Montréal. Contains a substantial

             data base including macro-economic standards and financial time-series.

expbul1a  Economic Data Archives

Extensive array of popular and hard-to-find economic data (much is

seasonally adjusted).

expbul1a  Financial Time Series Archives

Self explanatory!

expbul1a  Business Hub

Marketing data and services (mostly non-academic information).