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Thinking of being a nurse educator? Read more about the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

Completed MSN papers, DNP Projects, Dissertations and graduation paperwork due: November 18. See "Important Dates".

Registration for Spring 2016: Check your email and click on the SON Grad Advising Center on the navigation menu on the left.

What are the essentials of APA format: 6th edition of APA format is out! See:


"... the heart of integrity at Carolina."

Please review information about the UNC-Chapel Hill Honor System. It is an expectation that faculty and students will nourish and maintain the academic integrity of our programs. If you have any questions about the honor code please talk with your course coordinator, academic advisor, advanced practice area coordinator, or program director.

Monday, August 17, New Student Orientation: Please contact the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) with any questions about orientation or registration for Fall. See the OSA with any questions or problems with registration.

Clinical Regulations & Compliance Policies: Review the SON policies. Any questions? Please go to the Office of Student Affairs.

Professional Attire (MSN & DNP): Read the Graduate policies related to nametags and uniforms. Please check with the Coordinator of your Advanced Practice area to see if "Graduate Student" or "Nurse Practitioner Student" should be put on your nametag.

aaStarting or finishing up your Master's Paper, DNP Project, or Dissertation? Take a peek at the writing center resources.

SON Student Handbook

Please remember to read through the SON Student Handbook. Some helpful links to get you started:

  • Philosophy of the SON: Beliefs about nursing practice and nursing education.
  • Disability Statement: If you need information about learning disabilities services or other disabilities, start here.
  • Essential Standards for Admission, Progression, and Graduation: Describes the non-academic qualifications in addition to the academic qualifications that the School considers essential for entrance, continuation, and graduation from its nursing degree programs.








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Graduation Checklist

Check your transcript today!

  • Are you on track for having completed all required coursework by your graduation date?
  • Are courses that were approved for transfer on your transcript?
  • Have you removed any IN, ABs on your transcript? These must be removed to be cleared for graduation.

Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

Interested in nursing education?

Nursing Faculty Loan Program

Are you planning a career as a nurse faculty? Read more...

aaWriting Center Resources

Example (MSN): Title Page

Download: Handout on APA 6th edition (UNC-CH)

Check out Handouts and Videos at the UNC Learning Center to support your writing efforts!

UNC University Libraries: CITATION Tutorial

Purdue OWL: Online Writing Lab: APA Formatting & Style Guide

HSL Library: Check out the Nursing LibGuide