Spring 2012

New Comprehensive Examination Process

The Graduate School has approved a new process for the Comprehensive Examination in the School of Nursing effective Spring 2012. Students who are in their final clinical management course AND planning to graduate in May 2012 will have the option of taking the comprehensive examination according to the previous (or "old") format or choosing the new format.

What do the “old” Comprehensive Examination Guidelines require?

The “old” Comprehensive Examination format is an oral examination and allows students to demonstrate mastery of coursework in their advanced practice area by addressing 3 questions. If students elect to take the "old" format for the comprehensive examination, all steps of that process will be followed including submission of written abstracts two weeks before the scheduled oral examination.

What do the “new” Comprehensive Examination Guidelines require?

The “new” Comprehensive Examination Guidelines will be completed alongside the student’s Final Clinical Management or Capstone Course (courses: N812, 842, 828, 838, 869, 878, 881). The new comprehensive examination requirement will be submission of a professional portfolio.

You will receive more details about this requirement as part of your final clinical course (or capstone) during the first class meeting in Spring 2012. The essential elements will include:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Student’s Resume or Vita (max 2-3 pages)
  3. Reflective Journal Entries (2)
  4. Description of your scope of practice
  5. Clinical summaries
  6. Practice Agreement or position description

When will I make a choice about which format I choose for the comprehensive exam?

Your APA Coordinator and/or course coordinator of your final clinical course will discuss the comprehensive exam approach on the first clinical course day in January.

You will be asked to make a decision regarding which approach you are electing to complete. If you elect the “old” comprehensive exam approach, your written abstracts will be required early in the spring semester (that is, late January).

What if I have already taken my final clinical course, but have not taken the comprehensive exam?

Please contact your APA Coordinator as soon as possible. You will take the “old” format for the Comprehensive Examination.

Who do I go to if I have additional questions or concerns?

If you have further questions or concerns after your class meeting in January, please contact your APA Coordinator or the MSN Program Director.