A Study of C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity

FCA Freshman Men's Bible Study

Leaders: James DuRant, Greg Snodgrass

Freshmen: Nathan Barber, James Dickey, Bryan Hickman, Matthew McIntosh


Book Outlines (Chapter by Chapter)

Introduction: Hi, I'm James DuRant and I'm leading a Bible study along with my roommate Greg Snodgrass here at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  We got the opportunity to lead this Bible study through the UNC's Fellowship of Christian Athletes (uncfca.org) and are meeting every Thursday night at 8 P.M. After discussing what our boys (Jamey Dickens, Bryan Hickman, and Nathan Shores) wanted to study, we decided we'd examine C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. A focus of ours has been to attempt to keep the Bible part of the Bible Study centered.  Our approach has been to go through and attempt to sift through C.S. Lewis' words and understand them and then discuss the ways we face the issues brought up, how we feel about what C.S. Lewis says, and how the Bible instructs us to understand these matters.  We make no bones about it that we are not great theologians, but we struggle through the text together and hope we will stregthen our understandings in what God reveals to us.

A basis to understanding what we are talking about depends upon the building of information which C.S. Lewis presents through the chapters.  We try to make out an outline before each meeting so we can see the logic Lewis uses.  I decided to post the outlines to help keep everyone straight in the unlikely event someone misses our Thursday night session.  You can also use the outlines as a review to figure out where Lewis' logic has built from and what the previous chapters have taught about (I still look over them before the meetings).

If you have stumbled across this site while searching on the Internet, feel free to use the outlines with your own readings or Bible Studies.  The outlines provide a summary of what Lewis says and a structural organization of the ideas.  The interpretation and opinion of the chapters are up to you.