Poet Jeffery Beam

An Invocation

From cedar's green feathers          cedar's red odor
From moss's cool fever earthworm's glowing
From pitch-pine's field-taking pitch-pine's black tarring
From the heel-worn path eye-light roaming
From cornfield's stalking bobwhite ascending
From the cardinal's scarlet a royalty before us
From persimmon & apple urgent oriole feeding
From blue-eyed grass in shadow late summer's Eden
From footstep to cow path mud pool & duck quack
From goldenrod's augur winter gathers
From ice cracking oak limb frisson & weeping
From beech leaf in winter gold filigree forming
From rosehip & goldfinch thorn & bright needle
From storm clouds gathering light darting through us
From April's spring torrents creek's roaring persistence
From pond over-flowing swamp's restraint ending
From the word unblemished robust declension
From honesty in bloom articulate blue
From granite to flagstone columbine freshes
From cat-paw & wind-blow soft goes the morning
From Star of Parnassus tourmaline greening
From bluestem the meadow
From poplar the tulip
From each handshake taken a prayer advocated
From beehive golden coagulate bomb
From bottomland quiet no petulant view
From squash bloom a shine
From dog sleep a rumble
From peril no thunder only dwellings to calm
From muscadine's favor copper infusion
From mountain in snow light a rabbit's furred thicket
From everything under a thistle be thine
From garnet & hawkweed the owl & the red-tail
From trout ever jumping the roe of attention
From pecan & walnut bread everlasting
From collard & field green canny pot liquor
From bluet & aster concealment never
From wild carrot the umbel of consciousness feeding
From myself & from strangers the friend ever trenchant
From mystery's bedroom love's tortuous wisdom
From the formless the formed
From the void all-in-all
From the patient rose blooming the perilous night
From dove coo at morning to midday's recountal
From magnolia camellia gardenia thrall
From dancing thunder a ridgepole at last
From solitude vibrant fortitude's castle
From abundant forgiveness compassion's great tact
From whatever you do or not do find a meadow
From the river crossing an island encountered
From the spirit descending a wine glass uplifted
From evening's quickening harmonious rest
From the secret unfolding the obvious moment
From whirring cicada velvet occasion
From apple forbidden knowledge abounding
From the snake on the path origin & ending
From sunlight through trumpet vine flame in the belly
From tears' shivering sorrow joy reshaping
From veronica & chickweed earth warmly responding
From mountain's re-greening eye filled with blue

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