Poet Jeffery Beam

Love Comes


not silent,
                but noisy and indiscreet,
                                rowdy and persistent.
He comes in leaf fall.
                musty earth in his palms.

                                Held out to me
I can do nothing but take it,
                and take it gladly,
                                earth being the one coolness
other than water
                to be enjoyed.

                                The fact of the matter is this:
tomorrow he may come silent.
                Tomorrow may be love quiet as mist,
                                but today,

his cheeks rough with new hairs,
                I smell furrows of new fields.
                                I turn over fertile soil.
I hear burrowing insects, happy worms.

                taste the gentle, crude, excavating damp.
                                The stain of love upon the earth!

Stain of love!
                His sleep rattling me.
                                His sunrise and breath awakening me.

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