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Here are pictures from a workshop in the mountains of North Carolina (Town of Hendersonville). Participants were practicing with the assessment forms as we showed videotapes and a PowerPoint slideshow of sidewalk and street conditions.

WABSA training

In Spartanburg, SC volunteers quickly learned the WABSA methods and began assessing their downtown core. Here team members measured the outside travel lane on South Church St.

measuring width of outer lane

With the WABSA forms, a clipboard, pencil and measuring tape, assessment becomes a step-by-step process.

filling out the form


AARP volunteers used the WABSA method in Richmond, VA. After collecting the data they presented the mapped results to city staff and requested improvements. Community members learned to use the WABSA tool in one Saturday and felt confident enough to assess several blocks that same day.

assessing the sidewalks

If we want to keep our communities diverse in age, we need to ensure that people can maintain their independence and walk around their local neighborhood. Intersections that are too wide are real barriers for older adults.

working as a team


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